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Re: Harrid Down Under Again Again!!

Hmm, never had the opportunity to see this. Perhaps the pilot would have been picked up if it weren't for the obvious title rip off. Like you said, something like Harris and sons might have been better. Although, if it has LM in it, I'll watch it whatever the title!

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(see earlier post at bottom of board re this TV film/ series pilot)
We really like this series pilot downunder!
Its been on again, in the coveted Friday evening 9.30 slot (previously held by Monk, John Doe and Alias, and popular science docos) - the third screening this year.
Something tells me the popularity of rural drama McCleod's Daughters has some influence.
This grows on me with repeated viewing, Still don't like the last third so much. The younger actors aren't strong enough in developing their characters to carry through this segment (IMHO), the older aussie character actors are great. The filming style seemed to change too, less closeups and shot variation, making it very straight ahead predictable ending. Loved the scenic flying and humourous Harris banter - needed more of that.
Pleased to see it again

Re: Re: HARRIS Down Under Again Again!!

There, I finally have the title correct.

The more I think on McLeod's Daughters, the more I think it has a lot of similarities to Harris D.U., with a littel tweaking.... who knows. Could pick it up again tomorrow, with a few modernisations (but really not many, the vehicles, fashions and obvious style dating things are really unobtrusive, ageless). Heck, could put Lee in it now!

I read an article /interview with Rebecca Gilling, who played the ma. She was pregnant so wanted to be written out, apparently. (This confused me, I wondered why another actress wasn't sought, instead of irreversably changing the storyline). She also said she was very tall, and often had a hard time being cast in some roles b/c of it. (I thought, same as Lindsay Wagner - isn't she 5'10"or 5'11"? ).

Do you know the storyline, LRG?
There are a few funny bits over the Aussie/ american slang sayings. There is a barbeque at one point, when the american part of teh family arrives in Oz, and they have chops (mutton, or hogget ribs with meat) - very downunder food with so many sheep!

Re: Re: Re: HARRIS Down Under Again Again!!

Actually honey, I'm not familiar with anything about it! Don't know tha story line or the period in whihc it is set. I've never even heard of it until you mentioned it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: HARRIS Down Under Again Again!!

I'll post a description when I have a moment spare. Been a tad busy bidding on design contracts of late. Later.