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Re: Universal sued again again again

Lawsuits are funny things. Once one person comes forward where there is a valid claim, others will start to look and find that they were cheated as well. Chances are, if Universal did this to LM, they did it to many people over the years. With new people coming forward from more recent times, chances are this sort of thing has been going on for a very long time,if not from the beginning and may well have been the norm. If LM proves his claim, or Universal settles, you will likely see an avalanche of claims. So the smart claimant will file suit quickly to make sure they get a slice of the pie. If this was a common practice and there are enough people willing to make a claim, this is in fact the sort of thing that could bankrupt a company or force them to persue some sort of legal protection to prevent bankruptcy.

Then again, these claims may go nowhere.