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Jim Carrey as the bionic man

Allowing the film studio to make a movie with jim carrey as the bionic man is a collosal mistake especially as a comedy! The SMDM is meant to be a serious movie. Just like Spider-man,Hulk,X-men,etc. It was a little hoaky at times,but that is because it was made in the seventies and they used what they had. I remember the more serious episodes and I was just a kid. I could definatley think of better actors to play the part. Like Hugh Jackman,Linden Ashby and the guy who's going to play the Punisher(I can't remember his name at the moment). I definatley will not be taking my 6 yr. old son to it if it stays the way it is.Of course he'll be a few yrs. older when it comes out.And I don't think anyone else will who were fans of the show will either. And I hope Mr. Majors wants to leave behind a good movie and a good legacy (I'm sure he has no say in it),but nonetheless the early episodes of the SMDM were serious, he was like James Bond,but he didn't need tanks and so forth to kick ass. I hope they don't make it the way it's going cause it's going to sink and stink!! From a fan since I was a kid and I had hoped to pass it on to my son with a new movie, but NOT THIS ONE!!!

Re: Jim Carrey as the bionic man

I'm with you! The SMDM stood for moral values and upholding individual people in so many ways (although it would be a completely different show, today). No matter what, Steve Austin was a character every child could look up to. He was the good conquering the bad guys. Children (and adults) need to believe that somebody really does care that much. One person CAN make a difference. The SMDM encouraged those things, and Lee Majors played the part to perfection. It would be really tough to find a follow-up to him, but Jim Carrey is an absolute joke!