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My report continued

Jake is not ready to turst him yet.. Even when his DNA dose proves he is the Real Richard Fox.

They look over all the information they have to see Dick seamed to be very interested in one waitress, Jake plays out a idea to find she could be the daughter to one of the Sleeper who took his life two years before.. Jake wants to knwo why she is working in a casino when Richard says we have many Porfessionals for other countries working in low paying jobs, But she could arm a dirty bomb. Then they get information of a tape that the Lady KGB is going to set a bomb off at midnight and they have one hour to find it. after closer look at the tape, they realizse it is being done at a airfield.

When Jake wants to go after Dick his boss tells him they have their orders they look for the bomb. While driving to the airfield, Jake gets word from the lady doctor that doing a test on a cigar she took form Dick, says Dick and Richard are the same person, they go to Dick's home and Richard runs into the house to a face off with Dick...
Only he is the only one who sees Dick, Jake and his partner do not.. But Richard is carring on a converstaion with what looks like noone.Jake convinces Richard that they need Dick to find the girl and the bomb a few seconds after this Dick fades away and Richard tells Jake what he has in mind.

Next we are in a wearhouse and the wiatress is working on a bomb when it is done she arms a remote and hands it to the KBG agent at that moment Richard and Jake rush into the buliding in the car, The KGB aganet trys to set the bomb off and nothing happens.. The waitress had been contacted by Richard and he promised her the car and money if she would be sure the bomb would not work..

The next day Jake gets a comenation for stopping the bomb but his Boss tears it up becasue she is not happy he dose not follow orders.. He tells her if he is not allowed to do somethings his way he will one day lose it, leaving her to think about it,

Jake sits at Richards counter talking about cars for missions, When he mentions one Richard say he could run faster then that .. Jake looks at him and asks *Really*

Fade out.