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Charlies Angel Movie

I thought it might be interesting to see how everybody felt about the movie and how they portrayed Lee and the others.

I thought the movie was bad, actually cheesy. It one one of those things that was so bad it was funny to watch. The acting was terrible and the dialogue was even worse. Aaron Spelling (played by Homer Simpson) was probably the worst. I'm not sure of where they got the other actors from, but they should go back to where they came from. The actor who played Lee was pretty bad. He looked somewhat like Lee but his voice was way off. I read some others saying that Lee came off looking bad. Yes and no. I really thought they would make him look a lot worse then what they did. He came off grumpy and moody because his wife was never home. When he came to see he on the set with flowers, she had to go a film a scene she came home late at night after he had gone to bed, he had to eat alone etc. I think most people would be upset. It also showed that it was really Farrah's idea to leave the show not Lees. When they showed her coming home late and getting into a fight with Lee, she said she never wanted all the attention, she was happy being his wife. Then he said "well then quit", she snapped back "I've been thinking about it, but it will be my decision". Then when they show the People's Choice awards, Lee tells Jay Berstein that Farrah isn't coming back to the show. When Jay asks Farrah she says something like "I don't want to do this anymore". So had Farrah and Lee talked about it and Farrah said I want out and Lee told Jay or did Lee decide and Farrah went along? She was not happy working the long hours and all the extra commercials, special appearances etc. So I think she wanted out and maybe Lee pushed the door open. Farrah came off as a complainer. All she did was complain about the work, the hours how unhappy she was etc...

Kate Jackson came off as bossy. She wanted the show to be something it was never going to be.

Jackie Smith came off as a goody twoshoes. Actually she came off as bland and not much of anything.

Jay Berstein came off as the victim that had to do all the dirty work (he was a consultant for the movie). No wonder. The last scene of the movie was actually going to show a today overweight Jay walking on sunset strip trying to find the next Farrah. Jay threatened to sue NBC and they cut the scene.

Aaron Spelling was a joke

Well thats my take, what about you?

Re: Charlies Angel Movie

Well cubster, I didn't watch it.. the main reason it was the word Unauthorizsed. I always get the feeling most of these type of shows are made up from news stories and hear say so they can be taken in so many ways.. and Thruth has nothing to do with it.
And I wasn't a C.A. type girl growing up.

I do thank you for your review of the show.. by the sounds it was what I thought it was going to be