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Lee Yeary


Just wanted to say nice website. I went to school with
Lee Yeary, Lee Majors first child. He was a nice person, very down to earth. The funny thing was, well
this was back in the heyday of the famous Farah Fawcett
poster..well we all had posters of his "stepmother"
but he was cool about all of that. He lived a normal
life in Lexington Ky, except when school was out for summer he went to hollywood that was pretty cool stuff but the last I heard or saw of
him was back in the 80's when he did a diet softdrink
commercial with his dad. I often wonder what ever became of Lee.

Best Wishes,

Re: Lee Yeary

From what I heard he's married with two sons of his own. He gave up acting to become an electrician. He turns fifty years old on April 28, five days after his famous father's birthday.