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Welcome to this Discussion Forum. This is a resource for people looking for information about circus people appearing in Brtiain during the 19th and 20th centuries. If you are professional researcher or just looking for information about those who came before you and were involved in circus, leave a message or ask a question here!

Forum: Two Centuries of British Circus People Discussion Forum
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William KITE

Andy Aliffe (of High Wycombe, Bucks) has emailed to say he wonders what information I have on circus performer William Kite and his subsequent life? - He has basic details but needs to know more about his family life and background - Any snippets would be of interest - This is for a local history project that Andy is researching, trying link with another Mr Kite with a show business connections, who attended the funeral of John McCarthy in London's East End in 1914!! He hopes we can help or at least point him in the right direction?!
I think I have already posted my information on William Kite somewhere but here it is again; -
KITE, William. All round performer with Lord John Sanger's Circus. Came of a circus family. A James Kite was the first circus proprietor to visit Knott Mill Fair, Manchester, in 1806. An artiste of the name Kite was an equestrian and slack rope performer at Southey and Cooke's circus, Aberdeen, 1808, and at Cooke's, Aberdeen, 1809. Mr Kite Formed his own company c1810, seen in Hull, travelling as "Kite's Pavilion Circus". William Kite, born in Lambeth, London, about 1825, was a performer at Wells's circus, 1842-3, and Pablo Fanque's circus, Rochdale, in 1843 and 1845. Immortalised in John Lennon's lyrics. "For the Benefit of Mr Kite", based on a poster for Fanque' circus, Rochdale, dated 14th February 1843. The poster shows Mr Kite balancing, head down, on top of a pole, playing a trumpet. Mr Kite was also riding master for Pablo Fanque at this time. A Miss Kite was with Fanque, in Burnley, in 1845. With George and John Sanger when they first set out with their own circus, in 1854. His daughter Elizabeth Ann married Eugene Gaertner, in 1875 (Sources - World's Fair, 30/11/1912, p.4, col.2; ibid, 28/5/1932, p.32, col.4; King Pole, June 1993, p.35, col.2; Dave Gaertner, email, 6/4/2006).
KITE, Elizabeth Ann. Equestrienne. Daughter of William Kite, equestrian. Married Eugene Gaertner, in 1875. Mother of Alfred Eugene Gaertner (born 1877, at Lambeth)(Sources - Dave Gaertner, e-mails 2004 & 2006).
Not much family information, apart from his daughter's marriage into the Gaertner family. Any help Andy? Let us know! John Turner.

Re: William KITE - by John Turner - Jun 15, 2007 12:22pm
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