Updates for our Members, Family & Friends - August 14, 2020


Cpl Richard J. Wosnik

Cpl Richard J. Wosnik received a Citation from 2/1 and signed by Major General Ted Hopgood
on 14 July 2020 in recognition of Courage Displayed (51) Years Ago. READ CITATION BELOW:



Message from Lt. Dan Kellum

George Bokorney, a member of the Downtown New Braunfels Rotary Club, helped me connect with the NB JROTC and Lt.Col. Mark House to invite 12 representatives from their large 193 member JROTC to our Banquet in San Antonio. I was saddened to hear that one of those JROTC young men achieved his life long dream of becoming a Marine upon graduation from High School. SEE THIS LINK, George Bokorney says: Unfortunately those Marines who drowned in that amphibious vehicle off the California coast included one of the young men, LCpl Gillermo, Perez, 20, in LtCol. Mark House JROTC. George and I visited the JROTC facility at the New Braunfels High School and most likely met Perez. In case yall want to extend our 2/1 condolences to Lt.Col. House and the New Braunfels JROTC. Lt.Col. House email address. is mhouse@nbisd.org I am emailing my condolences today to also make sure his old email address is correct and will let you know. You know one hears about these sad mishaps on a training exercise and you hope it does not involve anyone we know. Semper Fi, Dan

My Letter to LtCol House

LtCol. House, I was saddened to hear from George Bokorney that Guillermo Perez, one of your former JROTC members, drowned in that amphibious craft off the California coast. I see where he achieved his dream of becoming a Marine and had advanced to the rank of LCPL. I read where the City of New Braunfels will honor the 20-year-old Perez. George opined that we may have met Mr. Perez during a visit to your JROTC facility prior to the 2/1 Banquet. I hope so.as I noticed he wasn't among the 12 JROTCs attending our Banquet in San Antonio. I pass along my condolences to the Perez family as well. Good Bless. Semper Fi, 1stLt. Michael Dan Kellum, Vietnam Veterans of 2/1 member.

Saturday Morning

His body will be arriving this Saturday morning at San Antonio International Airport, and then travel up 35 to New Braunfels. The city of New Braunfels will have a firetruck and police escort along Seguin Avenue that runs through town as the body moves to the funeral home. If you or any Marines you know want to participate in this event, just come to New Braunfels before 1300, as that is the time the funeral director expects the hearse and escort to arrive.


NCO Of the Year Award
Corporal Painter

Our 2/1 Members are invited to attend the presentation of our Award for the NCO of the Year to Cpl Painter with Golf Company. The Sword Presentation Ceremony will be on 21 August at 1100 in Camp Las Flores.

SgtMaj H. A. Rivera hector.a.rivera@usmc.mil
2d Battalion, 1st Marines, Comm: 760-763-2256, Cell: 442-232-1386