Updates for our Members, Family & Friends - March 20, 2020


Military family members and retirees covered under Tricare and veterans using the Department of Veterans Affairs health system can receive a test for the novel coronavirus, formally known as COVID-19, but only if they meet certain conditions, officials said.
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Number of Americans Missing and Unacounted for
From the Vietnam War is : 1,587

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Freddy Swan who is a Poet
submitted one of his
poems to share with us.
He served in Vietnam
with 2/1 in April 1969
and the poem was written
August 22,2017

Poem as follows :

When my country was in need
They did not have to plea
When the call went out
I did not take a knee
Buddies laid down their lives
We stood as they were laid to rest
The red strip on our flag
Represents the blood they gave
A flag is placed at their grave
When the anthem is played
Your freedom is the price they paid

Freddy Swan
USMC 68-72