Updates for our Members, Family & Friends - April 12, 2020


Carl King
FYI on Hotel Website

We have had the site under construction and repair for some time now and the agreement ends 13 May 2020. I do not plan to renew it because it cost $1000 for a one year agreement. I have sent several Emails out to this group asking to submit anything you wanted added and tell us anything that needs to be corrected. In the first few months, we received stories and photos to be added and some corrections to be made. But, have not received anything else for months now. So, I assume that the site is ok with everyone. If not, you have until May the 1st to get changes and or additions to me. Once the May 13 deadline comes to be, any change or addition requested will cost and will be the responsibility of the person making the request. So, please go to the site and make dam sure you are happy with what is there.



Doc Ron Mosbaugh
Hotel Company 66-67 posted his latest story.
The Silent Casualties Among Us

In August of 1966, my life changed. It went from Heaven to Hell overnight. At the age of 19, I was transported to Vietnam where I witnessed countless Marines being wounded and killed. My happy world was shattered and forever changed. To live with fear daily and to have no hope for the future was a tremendously traumatic experience. TO CONTINUE READING :CLICK HERE


Jim Jordan
Golf Co. 2nd Platoon 68-69

I would like to pass on to you about my DD 214. When I returned from Nam and released from the Corps I got my DD 214 and months later I received a phone call from the Philadelphia Armory asking me to come up to their base to receive an Award. When I got there as requested 2 Marine Corps Officers brought me into an office where they presented me a NAVY COMMENDATION MEDAL with COMBAT "V" and then read my Citation aloud. Then they saluted me and tried to persuade me to re-up and then I left. My DD 214 never had that award put on it even after requests numerous times. Well, in Dec. 2019 I went on line and went into detail about how I am a senior citizen now and would like to finish my DD214 in detail for my family. This time they listened and responded in a timely manor with a DD215 attached to my DD214 and this is what they did. They deleted my Vietnam Service Medal and added a Vietnam Service Medal with Four Bronze Service Stars, Navy Commendation Medal with Combat "V" device, Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation (Civil Actions First Class w/Palm), Presidential Unit Citation. I guess patience pays off. Dont know if other guys are interested but if they want to update their DD214. Its waiting in National Personal Records Center in St. Louis MO. Semper Fi, JJ



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Phil Odom
Fox Company 69-70

Phil Odom put together another fabulous group cruise for Alaska for June 7, 2021 out of Seattle, WA. Its a 7-night roundtrip Seattle sailing on Royal Caribbeans Quantum of the Seas. The itinerary is Sitka, AK - Juneau, AK - Endicott Arms & Dawes Glacier - Victoria, BC Canada. Our unobstructed balcony rate is $3297 per couple and includes all taxes and port fees. Gratuities and insurance are not included but can be added. There are obstructed balconies for a lesser cost, but I have no idea what percentage of the balcony is obstructed or what the view will be. There are also suites, ocean view and interior staterooms available, too. We hope you will come with this phenomenally fun group! Please let me know if you have any questions and/or if I can book your reservation. The current availability for unobstructed balconies is not plentiful. I hope to hear from you soon. Praying you are staying safe and healthy, too.

LeAnne Rigsby, M.Ed., MCC, TAMU, C/o 2001
Jim Rigsby Owner, Cricket Cruise and Travel, LLC


Randy Groff
2/1 Hotel Company 0331 1969-1970
In memory of Sgt. Merton DeBoer and others I served with in 2nd Bn., 1st Marines, Vietnam

My thoughts go silent tonight,
I close my eyes, I′m back
Back where we never wanted to be,
Where part of us will be forever.

I lost another friend today,
He fell silent one last time,
Most are gone now
Their names won′t all be on the wall.

Long silent about where we′d been,
Shunned by society on our return,
Spurned by young and old
We clung together in our separate world.

We came home, but did we
Years have passed, so quickly.
Our lives were shortened,
By an unseen enemy from the past.

There are no regrets,
We′d do it all again,
We became close through chance,
Bonded by circumstance.

We too are a disappearing breed,
Gone before our time.
Becoming part of history,
Going silent in the night.

Treading softly, as on patrol
Never forgetting the pledge we made.
Always knowing we′d meet again,
As we′d go silent in the night

Members of the ghost battalion
Swiftly, silently coming together again.
Our final duty station in sight
We′ll meet again, as we go silent in the night.