Updates for our Members, Family & Friends - June 24, 2020


Wilbur Lynn Eichler

On our TAPS for Wilbur Lynn Eichler (DOC IKE) Fox Company 68-69 a Service of Remembrance is now announced. It will be held at Hodges Funeral Home at Lee Memorial Park 12777 State Road 82 Fort Myers, FL 33913 (Visitation June 25th 12:00pm - 12:45pm). (Memorial Service June 30th 1:00pm - 2:00pm).



Doc Ron Bobele Echo 69-70
Posted Update on his Son Rod Bobele Medical Relief Fund



June 25, 1950 is the 70th Anniversary of the Korean War

Tomorrow marks the 70th Anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Shortly before dawn on June 25, 1950, eight divisions of the North Korean Peoples Army crossed the 38th Parallel and invaded the Republic of Korea. Within three days, the South Korean capital city of Seoul had been captured. Images in this set are from Korean War related collections. They include photographs and documents from collections maintained by the Marine Corps Archives.



With its six recoilless rifles, the Ontos was a welcome addition to the Marine Corps arsenal during the Vietnam War. Although the idea of the Ontos began with the U.S. Armys requirement for a self-propelled antitank gun, it ultimately found a home with the U.S. Marine Corps where it was deployed in the services antitank battalions. Learn more in the article, This Super-Sized Six-Shooter Saved Marines in Vietnam, from The National Interest.



In this video, Museum Outreach Curator Kater Miller talks about our Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV). Watch as he discusses the history of this particular AAV, how it came to be in the Museums collection, and how it will be exhibited in our Final Phase Galleries.