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tintagel primary photos early 80s

hello all

i went to tintagel primary from something like 83 - 86 and can't find my photos from that time, just wondering if anyone has got them scanned so i can try and save them to my computer.

i have extremely happy memories of the living there and i am bringing some friends for a visit in july and it got me looking for the photos.

if anyone remembers my family my dad's name was steve, he was a carpenter and worked a lot with pete channing and my mum's name was joy and she used to help out with the playgroup and worked at the caravan park in bossiney. we lived in treknow and then in bossiney. my nan and bamps lived in treknow (olive and gerald) and gerald used to help out with the bingo. i have a younger brother called gareth.

it was a long while ago now but i still have dreams where i am at rocky valley and the beach at bossiney amongst other places, which shows what an impact it had upon me. i still consider myself cornish and tell people so, despite having lived in wales since i was seven! looking forward to showing my friends the beautiful place i call home.