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Drownings at Trebarwith Strand

I am trying to find some info about a multiple drowning that happendned at Trebarwith in 1976ish. I was a child at the time & used to spend all summer in tintagel & at the strand - the memory has haunted me for 30 years but i have recently returned with my own children & would like to find out the facts of the accident - to put my memory straight.I do recall a huge wave came from nowhere and a teenage girl (who i was speaking to ) was washed in - several men went in after her & I only remember 1 being pulled out alive. Thw helicopter came & landed outside gull cottage so we couldnt get away (even now the sound of a helicopter makes me shudder. If you have any factual info about this please let me know. Time I slept without nightmares I think.

Re: Drownings at Trebarwith Strand

Hi Julie

I remember that too - we were there.Awful thing to happen. Can't actually remember when we left, but have idea that I saw someone falling/jumping in to try and reach someone else and being bashed up against the rocks.
(Saw basking shark for the first time that year too)