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Accomodation in Tintagel

Hi there

I wondered if anyone could help me with some information regarding accomodation?
We are looking to come to Tintagel for a family holiday in Whit Week 2010. We are looking for self catering accomdation, there will be 13 of us so we realise we will more than likely have to split into different cottages. I am trying to find self catering cottages that are either in Tintagel village itself or within very close walking distance to the centre of tintagel (we have small children and prams so dont want a long walk into the village)

I have been looking at various cottages in surrounding villages, trebarwith, treknow b ut am just not sure exactly how far out these are from Tintagel itself so any help on distances would be great!

Could anyone please help with some suggestions?

Much Appreciated!!