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Trelake and Trerammett


Hoping you can help with a bit of family history.

My mother, her brother and mother were evacuated to Tintagel during WW2, and we are trying to find out if the places they lived still exist.

Trelake Cottage
This was their first home, and looking through Old Maps and Google, it seems to still exist, but looks to be joined to "Middle Trelake Cottage". Were these once one house? Is there any other information on these that might help in our search.

We have another house, shown on our records as "Trerammett, Fosters Lane, Tintagel". Again, we have looked at Old maps, Google and Royal Mail, and Treram(m)ett appears to be a district of Tintagel at the south end of Fosters Lane. Is/was there also a house of that name?

Mum thinks she remembers 'Grandad Sparks' and Ray & Pat Neilson...

Hoping someone can help,

Mant thanks

Paul Davies

Re: Trelake and Trerammett

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Re: Trelake and Trerammett

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