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Boscastle Coachman

Dear Webmaster,

I enjoyed seeing your photos of old and new Boscastle. The photo you have on your website, from Mike Pickard, of the coach about to depart from the 'Welly' is a good picture of my great uncle William Daniel Squire of Boscastle who is the Coachman. We think it is his youngest son Ernest Henry Squire who is the young Ostler holding the horses at bottom left of the shot. William was known to all as Daniel Squire. He was a coachman in the summer months only and often drove the coach to Clovelly - another great tourist haunt like Boscastle at the time the photo was taken (July 1913, according to the Royal Institute of Cornwall). At other times he was a manure dealer (probably guano) and horse trainer and dabbled in the 'Coasting' trade out of the little harbour at Boscastle. Daniel was one of the ten children of one of my great grandfathers, James Squire - the last flour miller in the village. James was successively at Otterham Mill, Jordan Mill (just up the hill from the Wellington) and finally at Bridge Mills which still forms such a fine central feature of the lovely valley next door to the Wellington Hotel by the bridge.

I blew Daniel's Coaching horn when I was a small child.

I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who knew any of my Boscastle Squire family connections. Or maybe from a local historian for the village?

Please pass my regards on to Mr. Pickard if possible.

Peter Marrow


Re: re: Boscastle Coachman

Reference the coach and horses outside The Wellington Hotel. My mother has exactly the same photo in her family album and she always maintains that the coachman is her father and the people in the back her aunts and uncles.
My mother`s name is Sybil Symons and her father was called Pentecost. He was a farmer at Welltown, Trevalga near Bocastle. I know little about him, but I do know that he was in the cavalry and was employed as a coachman in the local area.
Can you verify or otherwise?

Look forward to reply

Ann Clayton


Re: Boscastle Coachman

Hi Peter, there are 2 Squires graves at Forrabury Church in Boscastle. One reads 'In loving memory of William Daniel Squire, died May 26th 1931 age 69. At rest. Also his beloved wife Philippa Saltern, dau. of the late Frederick Jewel who died Jan. 30th 1933 aged 77' The other grave reads 'In loving memory of James Squire, died Dec. 6th 1891 aged 67, and of Peggy Hicks wife of the above who died Oct. 31st 1886 aged 56. Also Robert John, son of the above died 7th Dec. 1867 aged 7 months. Blessed is everyone that feareth the Lord.'
hope this is of interest if you do not have these details already. Best wishes Nik.