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Been a LONG time

I have been away from Tintagel for fifteen years now and miss it greatly. I used to live in Sir Bedivere, on Castle view...was there for thirteen years.
Kate Collins, Katie Shilling, Grant Allen, Diane Townshend...any of the guys and gals who I went to school with. If any one wants to get in contact - give me a shout.
Miss you all.

Re: Been a LONG time

Grant is living in Eastbourne is married and has a son, if you want to get in touch try getting in touch with his Dad, Des Allen in Treknow, they still live in the same place, look up the number at Hope that helps.

Re: Re: Been a LONG time

Thankyou Sarah for the info. Though I am living in Canada now, I am going to try to track Grant and others down. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Take Care,