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Boscastle - One Year On

Dear webmaster

Would it be possible to get some recent photo's on your site of how Boscastle as recovered from the 2004 floods.


Re: Boscastle - One Year On

Dear Taren
This is a a job well in hand & hopefully will be on my site as soon as I am able to find the time.
My site is purely voluntary and ALL the work on the site is my own & therefore I am unable to do many things I would like too

Re: Re: Boscastle - One Year On

I visited Boscastle when I was down in June and was very impressed with the improvements and repairs.
I have to say that Clovelly Clothing was then a mass of conrete & ironwork foundations, but by the news it has now opened.
The lower village looks great and now even more places have opened.
I look forward to seeing the progress when I'm down next week.

Regards, Irene.