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Re: How many locals in the village


If you're worried about people who are not local you want to live in London and the South East.

It always amazes me that people in Cornwall can ask questions like this. It wouldn't be allowed anywhere else in the country.

That's why most middle-class 'british' people want to move to Cornwall!

Re: How many locals in the village

How do you define Real Local?
Does it count if a family lived there (and Trevalga, Boscastle etc) for about 500 years, then a gap of about 40 years, then comes back??
This is real so would be interested in replies!
Looking forward to the move

Re: Re: How many locals in the village

That's just like me, although I've been here since 2000, and my relatives are all buried locally, yet I still don't feel local despite that fact that I feel passionately about this area. I guess it is all about nature versus nurture in some cases, being Cornish is a very cultural thing it is something that cannot be acquired it is inbred and sadly I don't think I will ever be considered local despite wanting that distinction very badly.
I hope you have a different experience and from me, welcome back!
Best wishes