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research Q. for dissertation (Tintagel Castle)

Hi I am currently a student at Pymouth University, I am in the process of completing my honours dissertation. I would be greatful for any co-operation in answering the question below as part of my research.

The question is aimed at people who have visited Tintagel Castle in Cornwall (King Arthurs supposed birthplace).

1.Where have you seen information for Tintagel Castle Cornwall?

- In your home environment/town ?
e.g. Local media,(TV, radio) Travel agents, word of mouth form neighbours friends, leaflets and flyers, brochures, internet.

- On your way to Tintagel Castle?
e.g. Bill boards or road signs.

- At the site of Tintagel Castle and Village?
e.g. On Plaques and signposts.

Please specify others

2. Did you feel the information available at Tintagel Castle was (just thought this might be interesting to discover aswell)

Poor 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent

Please specify

Many Many thanks Nina

Re: research Q. for dissertation (Tintagel Castle)

i heard about Tinagel Castle from my Aunt who first lived at Boscastle and now works at the castle. Information I would give a 5

Re: Re: research Q. for dissertation (Tintagel Castle)

Thanks for responding, thats excellent! Nina