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I am now currently living in Essex but lived in Tintagel with my family for many years. After a recent visit back to the village to visit relatives I was disgusted at a leaflet that was left on my car windscreen claiming pavements were for people and that I could have received a parking ticket... obviously the blind person who put this there obviously failed to notice the blue disabled badge in the windscreen of my car and the stickers at the back asking for space to be left due to wheelchair access for my husband who is severly disabled. The car was left outside my relatives home for literally about 10 minutes whilst I managed to settle my husband before going outside to park the car properly. But obviously this person who put this leaflet there must have been watching and waiting for us to disappear inside before doing this. This was my husbands first visit to the village and after this incident he has stated that it will be his last and will be ensuring that other people are aware of what has happened. I used to class Tintagel as my second home but after this incident all I can say is so much for a friendly, warm village welcome...