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Christmas Lunch on 25/12/06

Can anyone help, I am coming to Tintagel for Christmas and enquiring if anyone knows of any resturants in the area that are doing Christmas Day lunches (approx 1.00-1.30 pm)

Re: Christmas Lunch on 25/12/06

Try Trewarmett Inn, Tintagel which has done Xmas day lunches for the last few years and you could also try the Wootons Hotel as they may do the same this year.
Best wishes,

Re: Re: Christmas Lunch on 25/12/06

Thanks sarah for the suggestion of the Trewarrmett Inn but I rang them a few weeks ago as I have been there the last three years @ christmas but this year they changed hands in Sept, Sherry has left and the new people this year are not doing christmas meals, but I will try Wootons.

Re: Re: Re: Christmas Lunch on 25/12/06

Hi Dave,

I have just found out that the Port William at Trebarwith Strand is doing Xmas Day lunch - it is run by St Austell Brewery now, but I don't know how much they are charging. I thought you might like to know if you had been unsuccessful elsewhere.
If I hear of anywhere else I will let you know.
Have a good one.
Best wishes,