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Re: genealogy Camelford

Hi Iris,

I'm not a Cook family member or researcher but I thought I would see what I could find for you, but only came across the marriage of THOMAS COOK and SUSANNA WILLIAMS Marriage: 11 APR 1737 Lanteglos By Camelford.
This is a bit too early however for your Samuel born around 1807!
However, I got to thinking and found a Maria born two years before samuel in 1805 whose mother was listed as Ann (Anna-Sus..anna?) - there was a Benjamin Cook who married Ann Statton on the 28 March 1805 at Lanteglos by Camelford and I think this may be the person you are looking for.
Benjamin died between 1841 and 1851 and Ann was living with her son Joseph and his family in Boscastle in 1851.
I hope this is of help, please let me know if my reply is completely out of kilter and I'll have another look about for you.
Good luck with your investigations, it sounds fascinating.
Best wishes,

Re: Re: genealogy Camelford

Hello Sarah
thanking for taking the time to look into my research, for me. I haven't had the time, yet to follow anything up, but just wanted to thank you.
It was very kind!!!!