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Where has Tintagelweb gone

Its Thursday, 4 January at 17:00.

I've just tried to look at Tintagelweb ( and instead I get a page advertising "HIGHER PENNYCROCKER FARM"

According to a WHOIS enquiry on the domain name it still owned by David Flower and isn't due to expire until 21 April 2008.

Hopefully it's just Microsoft Frontpage playing tricks on Mr Flower and the site will be back soon!

Re: Where has Tintagelweb gone

It's now 19:00 and the site is begining to return. Phew!

Re: Where has Tintagelweb gone

David forgot to put a shilling in the meter!
It was not his computer at fault it was the service provider.Spoke to him yesterday.
I notice the colours are a bit different this morning. Perhaps it is part of the same problem or maybe a new look for the new year!