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    advised to sleep with sister

    Hi Everyone

    I could do with some help with this dream ->

    I have had an astrology reading and he determined that sleeping with my sister would help to remove / remove the blocks in my life. This was in the day time.
    In the dream, the timing of this was the same night.
    So the rest of the dream was in the afternoon, it was getting closer to the time when I would have to do this - which was soon after the sun went down (6pm).
    My sister was around and didn't have any input.
    I was concerned about this, I didn't want to do it. I was very uneasy about it. I did not want to do it, but was being told it was ok, it would clear the blocks - that there was some karmic issue that this would clear. I was being told that she was not really my sister and so it was ok; however my response was that, even though she is a woman, I am not attracted to her and so I would be forcing myself. The thought of it was abhorent to me.
    I think there was some potion that I was supposed to drink made from herbs etc. I saw another that had taken it and he was vomiting and behaving like he was possessed (he was high up on a balcony).
    I decided I was not going to do it and told the astrologer.

    Some notes:
    - my sister is adopted ,,, so it is true, she is not my 'real' / biological sister and so sleeping with her would not really be incest ,,,
    - she is fair
    - she has a strong mother archetype

    Some thoughts:
    - being coerced into doing something that seems unnatural, that may not be technically wrong (she is not my sister), but that arouses no desire in me
    - Oedipal under-tones ,,, my sister has a strong Mother archetype

    The nature of this dream is obviously very close to home; too close for me to get perspective. I would value your initial impressions and unfiltered thoughts


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Australia

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    Re: advised to sleep with sister

    Oedipal undertones for sure. But of course the metaphors are most likely addressing your identification with that strong 'Mother' archetype. Since you do have that strong interest in the psyche this aspect would naturally be strong {the Great Mother being the strongest aspect of your psyche}.

    The daytime aspect of the dream may be directed toward ego aspects. That would be a literal interpretation of the astrology reading {of course astrology in its purest form relies on symbols and metaphors}. Perhaps in the 'afternoon' when the sun goes down the symbolic values of the dream come into play. Perhaps there is a blockage of the feminine aspect {she had no input}. Perhaps you are pushing yourself too hard in your attempt to summons this important aspect {powerful feminine in a masculine psyche}. It could even have to do with your dream work, pushing yourself too hard {when I get to that point I merely stop and wait until my mind is focused on the dream}. Or it could be other aspects of the feminine that you are trying to hard to summons {the natural path of the hero is often a matter of realizing the power of the feminine, of nature itself}.

    Your thoughts?


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 57 Murfreesboro, Tn.

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    Re: advised to sleep with sister

    Hi Gerard and thanks (again)

    yes the Oedipal aspects are strong - and certainly my resistance to uniting with the feminine is there in my life.
    My father (now dead) used to tell me not to trust women; but he trusted my sister, who could get him to do anything. I can understand how the myths of witches arise - that complete unknowing by the man about the intuitive aspects of the woman in his life ,,,

    I have been working hard (?too hard) to 'work things out', know my direction, especially in light of the dream where I had to use all my masculine strength to 'rescue' (? an archetype that plays out in my life) a kitten from the jaws of a dog.

    One more thing comes to mind - last month I chose to tell the parents of my cousins why two of their kids hate each other. Their son used to sexually abuse one of the daughters ,,, I was told by the elder sister and contemplated for weeks what to do with what had been told to me.

    I have a very sensitive spot about preditory aspects of sexual behaviour. I was not physically abused but my mother certainly was predatory to me; a part of the background to my not marrying or settling with a woman, despite many girlfriends.

    So this dream - being told it is ok, being told by the astrologer (symbolic sight), the man possessed by the potion ,,, yes it really fits towards a very Oedipal view on my relationships with women.

    Ugh -

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Australia

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    Re: advised to sleep with sister

    Hi Justin,

    I can see this dream is giving you a lot of grist for the mill, that you are actively engaged in thinking about its meaning, and that it also lead to some profound association and deeper meanings... it seems to me the dream has already fulfiled a healing role in your life.

    Your response to the dream struck me, and is as important as the dream itself.

    You asked for initial impressions and unfiltered thoughts, here are mine.


    The fact that someone took the potion and was vomiting was a warning sign. Even on a symbolic or spiritual level there is something very wrong in what the astologer is trying to get you to do..I think this is a dark force in the psyche requiring extreme care.

    One of the things I recall from my undergraduate days is that in the Oedipal myth, the Gods call to task Oedipus, unconsciousness is no escape from moral responsibility.

    Your revoltion of what he requires you to do is healthy.

    Also, his words violate the very principle of karma. How can committing a grave taboo lead to karma restoration? In fact, it guarantees karmic hell and suffering.

    My advice, think twice. I'm in no saying I am reading your dream literally, any literally interpretation would still be consistent with my line of reasoning; in spirit she is your sister regardless of adoption..but anyway we are discussing the symbolic meeting.

    There is a way for animus and woman, or anima and man to interact, that is healing and their is a way that is destructive. I think this astrologer is leading you astray and my recommendation is try to get distance from this aspect of your psyche and know what is it.....before listening to anything it tells you. Sorry for taking it to the extreme, but this astrologer character evoked in me the same as when people say they hear voices telling them to jump off a bridge or hurt themselves.

    I'm sorry that was the unfiltered version and it came from a deep gut sense. That vomiting man is you if you follow this dark magician's advice.

    Was there an astology reading in real life?
    Your relationship with your sister in real life is probably also an inspiration for the dream...maybe she is constellating a mother complex and it is being projected on to her...or an anima image is being projected on to her.

    Look within for anima inspiration and be careful

    Your thoughts?

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 36/Europe

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    Re: Re: advised to sleep with sister

    Hi May

    thanks for your gut-innspired unfiltered interpretation, it helps a lot.
    These are my initial responses ,,, unprocessed and I guess unfiltered.

    Yes I did go to an astrologer before the dream - not that I think of it I should have mentioned it to him to check out his response.
    He did not tell me to sleep with my sister ,,, rather his interpreation of the charts was a surprisingly + disturbingly accurate presentation of what is going on in my life at present. My purpose in the reading was to get a sense of the current astrological forces / tide at play in my life right now as I feel that I have been trying to make things happen that are not meant to be ,,, just like sleeping with my sister !!! mmm
    I (not the astrologer) have been trying to move my life on ,,, on my schedule.

    I can see the astrologer in my dream as the unknown, the 'dark side',,,, and I have a fear of that, even though I know there is gold there - I agree that there are places we should not go in the psyche (certainly without a guide).

    Yes I think my sister has been a mother complex susbstitute - a strong archetypal aspect in her is the Mother. She had also tended to support the partyline in terms of the 'agreed' sqweeky-clean agreed family-approved reasons for doing things. So I don't tend to run things by her anymore ,,, as much as part of me would like to have her approval ,,, that says a lot.

    Your point about her being an anima figure is well remembered ,,,
    Also your point about - committing a taboo act, yes that really struck me when I was writing it out but you have put is so well ,,, a taboo act
    * and, as you say ,, in spirit she is my sister ,,,

    Yes Grist for the mill - I'll keep grinding

    many thanks

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Australia

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    Re: advised to sleep with sister

    Hi Justin,

    You are welcome.

    Another thought that came to my mind is that a sister is someone who is of the same family.

    Perhaps your anima spirit is something that is very close to home....


    Re: Re: advised to sleep with sister

    Hi May,

    Your reply prompted -> that a part of me that I don't understand (the astrologer) is asking me to accept / join with / unite with an anima that, technically fits the criteria, and yet it is not right, not meant to be, contravenes what is meant to be (the Laws of Nature).

    The anima I am being asked to unite with, by this shadow, is not the one to which I am biologically connected.

    Your writings on the Oedipal myth hit home - and I was refecting on the depth of this issue (Mother complex) in my life.

    thanks again, I feel that it is necessary to keep myself honest on this

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    adopted sister symbolism

    Hi There

    some follow up thoughts

    * adopted sister ,,,,, taking up beliefs/ life that are not intrinsic to me. In particular those agreed to my by parents - as it was my parents who agreed / choose to adopt my sister. The link to spiritual beliefs is through Nun - a spiritual sister ,,,


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Australia

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