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Dreams are a succession of images, actions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind primarily during the REM stage of sleep. Dreams are unbiased, spontaneous products of the unconscious, outside the control of conscious will. The act of dreaming is physical but the contents of dreams is psychological. They are NATURAL expressions of the dreamer's emotional/personal life illustrating experiences that possess strong emotional energies. Although there are literal applications in dreams the primarily language is symbolic, metaphorical of the dreamer's emotional energies.
  • 1. Dreams are about the emotions, emotional energies of the person who is dreaming. They offer advice and a deeper understanding of our waking life as well as the foundations for the emotional energies of the dreamer.

  • 2. The language of dreams is symbolic, but also with literal applications {literal waking experinces}. The symbolic images and actions are metaphors for the patterns or motifs for the dreamer's emotional/psychological/physical life. Every character in a dream is a different aspect of an unacknowledged aspect of the dreamer and/or a prevalent situation in the person's life involving actual persons/experiences {dreams will address both aspects}.

  • 3. The purpose and function of dreams is to guide the conscious self to achieve wholeness and offer a solution to the problems in waking life. Solutions to problems and conflicts from everyday life, as well as the deeper underlying issues, 'emotional injuries' that stem from the foundations of the dreamer {early life experiences and trama experiences in life}.
    ---Dreams reveal vital information that expose the authentic emotions and feelings that are often concealed from the conscious mind.
    ---Dreams compensate for conscious attitudes and personality traits that are out of balance.

  • 4. Dreams are intentional. Nature provides us with dreams to understand and help heal emotional conflicts/issues. Just as the body has the immune system to heal and protect, the psych{ology} has the dream.

  • 5. Dreams possess 'Archteypal' representations. Archetypes are universal, original patterns and images that derive from the collective unconscious and are the psychic counterpart of instinct. An archetype is an inherited tendency of the human mind to form representations of mythological motifs-representations of the symbolic images/actions without losing their basic emotional pattern. Dreams and mythology share the same archetypal images, myths as illustrations of the universal patterns and dreams as illustrations of personal patterns.

  • 6. All dreams have at least two meanings or applications. One is the symbolic representation metaphorical of the emotional energies and the second being a literal application where a person, place or experience is addressing a real life experience. More about this in the Basics of Dream Analysis section

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    Time to leave

    Hi All,

    Another perplexing dream - so as not to bias any interpretations I'll post my thoughts later ,,, many thanks

    In this dream, the people of the Earth had been given until 4pm to either leave or stay on the Earth. After that we would not be able to leave. There was to be a change of regime - a change in the way things would be. We did not know how that would be, but the feeling in the dream was that there would be less freedom.

    The alternative was to leave the Earth. It was each persons choice, whether to stay or go. Either way the future was uncertain. No one knew what it was like, or even if it was possible to life off the Earth, or what it would be like.

    I had been doing things and was running out of time to leave, and I was having to hurry to get to where we would leave from.
    I could only take what was essential to life, and remembered that I had left my sunglasses in my car. I would like to have them but they were not essential, and if I went back to get them I would not make the deadline to leave. So I kept going.
    I bumped into some men who had chosen to stay - they wanted to drink beer and asked me where the pub was - I used to know this area in my youth but was disorientated and was not sure which direction they should head.

    thanks again

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    Re: Time to leave

    We can be sure that the dream is in some way addressing personal aspects, but could it also be addressing something more, 'universal'? The first two paragraphs read like an Orson Welles radio broadcast, or Welles use of a universal pattern to convey a message, and while also frightening to the less enlightened.
    The last paragraph seemed more directed at personal aspects. But the actions are focused on the universal.

    Take a look at MOO's dream, the last paragraph. These numbers are archetypal, universal. Not only are we in the last of the 432,000 year cycle of time of Hindu mythology but we are also nearing the day of end times, with a rebirth in the year 2012 {.Mayan Year of Destiny - 2012. The health of the planet is probably more dire than we want to admit. The Mayan myth talks of drastic changes almost in an immediate period of time.

    Are these vibes? I sense we are in store for something, well, something dramatic. I believe such vibes can be felt by anyone who has an awareness of the higher psyche possibilities.
    We are getting close to hurricane season again arn't we. Remember the year of Katrina? Many vibes. And a
    La Nina is developing which usually is associated with higher hurricane activity in the Atlantic and the Gulf. Global warming is causing warmer waters a

    Nature, the Great Mother, does give off vibes. Other animals are able to sense them, earthquakes, tsunamis. Perhaps we are experiencing something of that 'nature'. If not consciously, unconsciously in our dreams. It is not inconsist with the laws of nature. Jung thought it scientifically sound. Must something to it?


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    Re: Re: Time to leave

    Hi Gerard

    Yes the dream did have an "End of the World" feel to it, and I noticed that as I wrote it out.
    I have thought that movies of that ilke are either about i) our fear of the Shadow side or ii) our fear of the awesome force and unpredicability of Nature, especially when we have been thinking we are in control.
    So the dream may well have a more Universal link.

    Also universal is the choice each of us must make between the risks of freedom (leaving Earth) and the constraints of living in the Rat Race.

    My inability in the dream to give direction to other men is of personal and, I think, global significance.
    Where are the wise leaders today - this leadership is a quality of the masculine ,,,

    Also the choice to leave Mother Earth, or stay under domination is of relevance to me ,,, it reminds me of Percivals undergarment that he must disguard in order to grow up.
    There is another more sinister tone, the Earth as Gaia ,,, that thngs are changing and we have a choice.

    I had not picked up in the themes relaing to the Universal, and the happenings around the Earth - many thanks


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 48 Australia

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