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I know many of you use the old link to access the Dream Forum {www.mythsdreamssymbols.com/dreamforum.html}. I have changed the link on the main page to go directly to Bravenet page {Bravenet hosts the Forum-for a price I pay each month}. The new URL {web address} is Myths-Dreams-Symbols Dream Forum. This page is different from the old link in that it has the links at the top of the page instead of at the side. This gives more space to the Forum {I discovered this when I got my new PC with Windows XP-the frame covered a wider area and needed to be scrolled to see the page}. I suggest you bookmark both pages {both work fine}. It will let you access te Dream Forum when the MDS site is down {which it is this morning}.

Bookmark the new page http://pub34.bravenet.com/forum/add.php {click Bookmark or Favorites and add the page}.


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