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    drink induced nightmare

    Just woke from a vivid nightmare after a week end-of-exam partying and boozing.

    Swansea had turned into a slum town, similar to the aesthetics from The Warriors(film). At night, like sunlight doesn't exist anymore, and it is just perpetual darkness.

    I was riding a smashed-up 125 motorcycle through one of the city's backstreets, until i ended up in cul-de-sac where about 5 girls sitting on the wall, all looking pale and ill. Lit by street lamps.
    One of the girls complained to me about her mothers heavy drinking and brought out a bottle of vodka, asking me to dispose of it. To which i refused, saying it was up to her mother if she drinks or not.

    When I set off to leave, there was a gang of about 7 or 8 sitting or leaning in the doorway of an adjacent dilapidated house. Thinking they would never outrun the motorcycle I decided to spit in their direction and take off, only the bike wouldn't start. In a frenzy I had to kick-start the bike, and it would only crawl along at 10 - 15 miles an hour.
    Only the oldest member of the gang decided to chase me , and for a while he chased behind me as the bike struggled to climb a steep street. I turned a corner and jumped off, after the engine had died. I ran on foot for a while untill ending up back where i started, with the motorcycle strewn on the ground looking sorry for itself.
    A cheap plastic bike lock appeared near the 125 as the thug began to turn the corner, and I used it as weapon trying to lash him in the face with it. This went on for a while but eventually i caught him in the nose, and continued to inflict blows to his head until he fell down.
    Then I woke up and found this forum, before another dream became lost in the subconsious.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 22, south wales

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? no

    Re: drink induced nightmare

    The first thing I did was to 'Google' Swansea and discovered it is a university. The opening of a dream usually presents the dreamer in a certain form which points to some aspect of the psyche. Swansea would represent you, a learning aspect about yourself, as well as the university you are attending. Such is the way of dreams.

    What is it this dream is trying o 'teach' you? That parts of you have turned into 'slum town' {the town is you}? Unconsciously you may not realize this, and it is an ongoing thing {At night, like sunlight doesn't exist anymore, and it is just perpetual}.

    The 'smashed-up' motorcycle, again a description of yourself. The numbers may be clues. 125 equals 8 which in my mind represents wholeness of body and spirit. The number 5 represents 'change', perhaps a need to change certain aspects about yourself so to achieve the '125'. The girls looking pale and ill, would represent feminine aspects, and may also be referring to how waking life girls appeared during your night of 'partying and boozing'. The feminine aspects would suggest your masculine attitude {drinking and partying} are not as healthy as they should be {refraining from such activities}. The cul-de-sac may suggest you are at a 'dead end' when engaging in such activities.
    Not only are you inducing your inherent masculine traits to suffer but also doing the same to the wise feminine aspects as well {mothers heavy drinking}. all of this points to a destructive nature that may be out of control.

    The dilapidated adjacent house, another description of another aspect of your psyche {this one being the inherent masculine}. The gang of 7 or 8 {equals 6 which is symbolic of the physical body}. This part of you is trying to outrun the 'party boy' who is losing his grip if not his good health. The best you can do in this situation {drinking} is to crawl. Psyche wise and health wise you are also at a 'crawl'.

    The fight, the inflicted wounds, this is what you are doing to yourself. Inner conflicts and psychological wounds {if not physical wounds}. The dream is not only pointing to the affects of a night of boozing but the permanent dangers of what this type activity is doing to you in the long term. Your own self is affected by these activities.

    The dream seems to be a warning. Pay attention, you may learn something about yourself.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes

    Re: drink induced nightmare

    thank you. I can relate to a lot of what you said. I have taken your advice into account

    When I was in school all the dreams I had which involved confrontation were one-way; in which I mean I could never fight back. Like I was underwater, unable to move properly. Or like I were holding weights, unable to move my arms.

    In the dreams I have now (which involve confrontation), I am able to defend myself, which is reassuring at first but I then carry on beyond the point self-defense, often killing the attacker. Which leaves a mixture of satisfaction and then guilt as the nightmare comes to an end.

    (although id like to point out that I am not at all aggressive or violent in real life.

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 22

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

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