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    Stones with runes on them.

    I was referred to this site from another dream interpretation forum, to show a dream that I had and what people thought of it here.
    Anyway, here it is:

    I'm with a boy (who I have never met before in real life, only online - and he's a pagan I feel strongly connected to him because he's a spiritually wise person the same age as me) He's around my age, 17, and I'm not quite sure where we are, it may have been similar to a cave, but the location wasn't important I don't think. The boy was giving me these stones. They were rounded and smooth and they fit perfectly in the centre of my palm. They were a grey, teal colour and on the centre of them, they each had a little symbol and each symbol was unique to the stone. They looked like they were painted on with white paint and a fine brush, but I don't think they were. The boy passes me a stone, and tells me to test each one he gives me and feel which one has the most energy and is most 'peaceful' to touch. I try a few of them, but I don't get any special feelings from them. That is until he passes me a stone with the symbol of a woman - who looks like a goddess. I suddenly feel a great energy go up my arm, and I know I've found the right one. I look to him thinking it can't be happening, but he tells me not to think about it too much, and just accept it and let it be.

    Thanks, I'd appreciate any comments and insight!

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: UK

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    Re: Stones with runes on them.

    Glad you stopped by. I always love to hear 'I was referred'.

    If you are not familiar with Jungian psyche and dream psychology you may want to read some of the related pages at the top of the page and/or at the side panel. My interpretations are from that Jungian point of view, his psychology of the unconscious.

    Three things to think about before I do give an interpretation of your dream.
    I'm assuming you are a pagan or engage in other some form of metaphysical practice {part of the connection with the on-line guy?}. If so you probably know the philosophy of the healing powers of stones. That may have something to do with the dream but to what extent is to be determined. And of course, again, assuming you practice an alternative form of spirituality {as do I}. That could suggest a good possibility its symbolism to the dream is related in some form to 'healing'{whereas a Christian would more likely have a cross as a symbol, which could also representing 'healing powers'}.

    Second, your dream provides insights to the how psyche uses the association to those forms that most influence us, the symbols and metaphors from our spiritual condition {an aspect Jung suggests we all possess-along with the shadow, masculine/feminine aspects, Self, etc.}. We all possess these aspects and depending on the emotional energy of one or the other, they influence our waking lives {unconscious if not conscious}. Your 'connection' could have meaning for you in a deeper sense simply because of the 'spiritual' association.

    Lastly, Jungian dream psychology is about the emotions, your emotions. And your true identity, stripped of ego bias while in the realm of the unconscious dream. What reside within the unconscious, even if hidden deep in the depths of the darkness places of the psyche.

    To your dream. Since you are about 17 I will first attempt to identify personal waking experiences that may be the stimulus for the dream. A younger person's dreams are most often focused on the 'outer self', ego/personality building, current waking experiences that address those waking relationships, while also to a lesser extent focusing on anything out of balance in your psychology.

    An older person's dreams {40-60} more often focuses on the inner self', more reflection, looking back with the intent to address unresolved emotional issues/experiences.

    The first symbol that stands out is the cave. Such dark places more often represent the unconscious. Metaphysically and metaphorically speaking caves go deep into the earth, which in the primitive psyche is symbolic of the 'natural true self {think of the earth as the 'mother and the cave as her womb}. The association is a feminine aspect so in the dream its value is most likely 'feminine' related.

    The location isn't important. You met him on line. That may be the location. It isn't important where you met him, the important thing is you did meet him.

    But it may also suggest that the 'location' is directed toward the outward self. Caves go inward. While a cave represents unconscious contents, those unconscious contents are stimulated by 'outward' influences. Perhaps that is about 'feelings' you have, feelings not only about an attraction to the guy on line but also about the healing powers his paganism offers to you that supports your own deeper {the cave} spiritual Self.

    What is important is 'he gave me these stones'. Stones become the next symbol that must be understood {and most important}.

    Anything round is a circle {completeness and wholeness}. The earth is round. This is a symbol of the true Self. And it fits 'perfectly with who you are'. guy on line's pagan spirituality may fit perfectly with who you are.

    And you are probably wondering whether he too fits perfectly. This is probably part of the intent of the dream. You have met him, but you are very interested.

    There is more than just one stone. I see this as suggesting the dream is speaking to more than just an interest in the guy on line. In the center of each stone a unique symbol. The soul is unique. The spiritual soul is 'centered'.

    Painted. Probably has meaning related to some outward aspect of the psyche. But possibly also the creative aspect, which is an aspect of the spiritual. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Most metaphysical types are {being metaphysical myself-Myths-Dreams-Symbols being my creative outlet} creative.

    The next part of the dream,
    The boy passes me a stone, and tells me to test each one he gives me and feel which one has the most energy and is most 'peaceful' to touch, is probably addressing waking personal aspects having to do with 'boy on-line'. The 'touch' could represent 'personal touch' {as opposed to being on line}.
    But it may be addressing the metaphysical also. Touching something deeper, the inner Self'. His paganism is also very attractive. That 'touches' your spiritual Self.

    Then we come to that one stone that has energy. Jung talks about numinous energy, spiritually elevated. The symbol of a woman. Round, circle, earth, feminine, the goddess within, spirituality {in Jungian psyche the feminine aspect is superior}. This is the true self, an identity that you may not have yet to realize, two identities. The attraction to 'the guy on line' and also the spiritual connection. Two things that have yet to be completely identified {location: on line; yet to identify your true spiritual identity}.

    So where are we? Are you attracted to this guy on line who you really know little about. There is an attraction, an amour association, long distance with yet to touch.

    And his spirituality. Is that attractive also? This would be the real 'stone' that provides wholeness sought by the deeper psyche. The spiritual aspect, inherent in all of us but seldom truly realized {main stream religions often miss true spirituality}.

    If the 'affair on line' doesn't work out {or even if does}, the spiritual 'connection' may be more 'central' to your deeper life.

    One more thought. The dream is focused on the feminine. The one aspect of the feminine I find most valuable is the intuitive. Perhaps the dream is asking you to use those intuitive instincts as well as the thinking {meeting anyone on line should be done with great care}. The intuitive looks at both outer and inner. Which leads back to the metaphysical.

    I do wish to learn your thoughts. I know I have given you much to think about. To cap it off let me say one last thing about dreams.

    Dreams are about the emotions. The many emotional aspects that make up your psyche. Your psychology. In a language of symbol and metaphor.

    Was that a long ride or not?


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

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    Re: Stones with runes on them.

    Thank you Gerard for your wonderful interpretation. I can see why the person referred me! Let me explain some parts of myself that may relate to the dream...

    I'll start off by saying I'm not a pagan myself, and I don't follow a set of beliefs. Yet, I would consider myself a spiritual person. The reason I couldn't be a pagan is the aspect of worshiping of deities and performing rituals. Firstly, I believe there are forces in the world - pure feminine and pure masculine, but I understand that to be close to them, I do not have to worship them. And secondly, rituals work because of the emotion and intent behind them, but other than that they've never been a big attraction to me.

    This could theoretically be the stones the boy was passing me in the dream - aspects of his views that didn't 'feel' right to me. I remember one of the other symbols on the stones he gave me was like a square rotated at 45 degrees.

    The only aspect of paganism that I find interesting, is the connection they have to the Earth and the fact that the people within the religion tend to be more open minded and accepting than people that follow other religions (there are exceptions, of course.)

    My spirituality is about being open minded to all beliefs, finding the truth behind all things, learning to love myself and others - yet I am interested in crystal healing and tarot, astrology, dreams - but I recognise these as tools to help me find the truth.

    I am attracted to the guy - well I find him fascinating, simply because he holds some views that I have myself. He's just someone trying to find the truth, which is exactly what I am. To be 17 and have these views is quite an isolating experience. I've found people, in the 'real' world who have some of the same beliefs, yet they don't actively seek out the awareness that I do, it's more of an unconscious activity for them whilst they seek out other distractions - drugs, t.v, games, partying, etc.
    My spirituality and my connection to the world is the most important aspect of myself. And to find someone my age on the same level was quite an emotional experience for me. So when I met him - I did start thinking, this must be too good to be true.

    I am an art student and I enjoy writing in my spare time. That's probably the creative aspect you picked up on.

    I should probably point out that I recently found out that he worships a goddess. This was after I had the dream though.

    I hope I covered everything, if not, please ask me to clarify myself.

    Thanks again for your insight - it was very truthful indeed!

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: UK

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    Re: Stones with runes on them.


    I too do not, or should I say no longer do I follow any one set of beliefs. Although brought up in the Southern Baptist and Church of Christ I no longer adhere to the dogma of those religions although I do see Jesus as an example for a truly spiritual life. But I also see the Buddha as that same example. My thinking is it isn't what you believe but what you do that makes you truly spiritual. Church dogma, a product of the masculine and patriarchy, is an attempt to control, a power grab that is not very spiritual. It denies the feminine because the early church knew her power {of the psyche}. Buddhism on the other hand incorporates the feminine power as a vital aspect of life and the psyche. Buddhism is psychological more than it is a religion.

    I also believe that 'God' is within nature, not separate from it. Nature has its own mechanisms that rewards the good and punishes the 'bad' {what goes around comes around- in this lifetime}. Perhaps the best example of that is in the Star Wars Trilogy which is based on Joseph Campbell mythology {George Lucas being a student of Campbell}. It has many of the stages of the hero/heroine journey, a journey one must undertake to discover the spiritual aspect within. That journey is psychological first and foremost.

    With your interest in rituals {a ritual is an enactment of a myth-all religions are myths} you may find an interest in Joseph Campbell. It was Campbell who awakened me to the Power of Myth back in 1992 which led to Jung and my current 'blissful' interest in dream psychology. Campbell tells us we have two opportunities to 'follow our bliss', that thing in life that truly comes from the soul. One is when we are young, your age. The second is at midlife, the age I discovered my calling. I have always had an interest in psychology but it wasn't until I discovered Campbell some 15 years ago {at the age of 42} that I realized my true bliss.
    And it comes from the creative realm. Art, poetry, writing, these are a few of the creative aspects that give meaning to life. Your creative interests are a positive thing. Follow that and you will discover your true bliss also.

    Life is without meaning. You find meaning in life...Campbell

    What is the meaning of a flower? It is just there. But the radiance and beauty of the flower gives meaning to its existence. So to does the human condition when it lives from its bliss.

    At 17 you are heads above most of your age. Giving thought to true spirituality, and to the creative aspect. That bodes well for your future. Follow that path and there is no doubt you will find your bliss. And live a life of balance and harmony, and full of meaning.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

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