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    Lost child in lake.....

    Hello, I had a terrible dream this am and actually awoke with tears streaming down my face:( It was very real, very detailed and in color if that helps anyone.

    People involved : myself (27), oldest daughter Kairi (3 1/2), youngest daughter Bailey(2), and a few men/onlookers.

    It began at a lake with a boat ride that i can only describe as partly automated till you got out onto the lake(conveyor system). The boats were small (3-4people) numbered and had different color stripes. I was bringing my children onto this ride, they ran ahead of me about 20ft and i was distracted for a moment by other people getting on their boats. My children boarded the boat before i got there and the boat took off. It went along a track lined with rocks untill it reached the lake.....i ran to catch them and i reached the end of the rocks. I had been yelling to alert people that my kids were on the boat alone and i needed help. as i reached the end of the rocks both children were looking over the edge. the youngest bailey fell into the lake but a floatie tube appeared and she fell directly into it. it was only half inflated and she was struggling i swam along the right side the boat telling Kairi to say in and to sit down and wait for mom i would be back to get her but dont get up or look over. The boat was wood and had a red stripe along the top it was numbered 22. the boat then driffted into open water. i was swiming with my arms outstretched to get bailey and i finally was able to catch up. I grabbed her leg and pulled her towards me at that point she took in a little water. I turned back to find the boat and kairi and they were both gone. I had to decide what to do. swim with a toddler searching for a boat that had dissapeared or get her to the ride area and get another boat and more help. I decided to go to shore and get more help. as i returned i was helped out of the water, i explained to the ride operator (stalky man, white shirt, balding with scruffy beard 40'ish) what had happened and he got on the walkie talkie and put the word out.....took bailey to nurses station and got me back on a boat. I went back out to the lake and looked desperately for her yelling her name, telling her to stay in the boat, begging nearby people to help me. I returned to the ride after about 2hrs of looking to get an update and see if more help can come. but no word on her......the ride operator mentioned it was getting dark soon and air support might be needed. I begged him to have them call in the helicopter i said "shes very clumbsy and too curious for her own good she could have fallen in" He aggreed and called in more help. A man standing in line(30ish, well kept, dark hair medium build with blue eyes) gave me his "club" card on a key ring with several other cards on it (grocery store type). He said to take a boat to stamford (city along the coast) because the current goes that way and the only way into the private water area is with the club card. I returned to the boat once again ( different boats each time, colors, #'s ect) and headed in the direction he told me. I searched and searched crying out to her i recall it getting dark and seeing the helicopter overhead with the spot light on. The saddness i felt durring this whole dream was unbelieveable, gut wrenching heart stopping saddness. I was crying in my dream calling out to her saying baby i love you mommy will find you stay where you are. I searched along the rocks and the shoreline hoping to find her and loosing hope as the night wore on......after hours of looking i returned to the ride area and there were crowds of people watching/helping. as i returned i could see all the sad faces, very vividly, crying, looking at me with such pitty and noone said a word. within 24hrs they found the boat #22.........empty with no signs of my child.

    I went back every day for weeks......searching for any sign of her, her clothes, hair tie, shoes, anything. spending the whole day from sun up to sun down looking in those waters. so sad, hopeless, fearfull, sickened and in a state of shock. On one return trip to the ride entrance (lined with rock paths) i saw her...........walking along the path back to the line area. I jumped out of the boat and chased after her calling her name. I got to her and she had a sad expression. i turned her around and said "baby its mommy". she smiled a bit and said "mommy there you are" we huged tightly for a while, i asked her what happened. She again looked sad and seemed like she couldnt say or express. suddenly i noticed all the people in line were naked men, pear shaped with a large stomach very detailed, small scar below belly button as if surgery scar. It was as if she was showing me what she could not it was seared into her memory. she then gave me a kiss as i was kneeling with her. but it wasnt a normal kiss. she gave me a "adult kiss" (no tounge) and kept saying "i love you". I told her that we dont kiss that way and showed her a mommy kiss! she said "no like this mommy" and did it again. I asked her if she had anything else to tell me and she wanted to show me her teeth. She had 2 cavitys on her back molars one on each side. i said thank you and told her she has lots of beautiful teeth. She once again became very sad and pulled away from me. She began to walk back to the boat ride as if to get on a boat as if she was forced to repeat the events of that day over and over. I reached out for her and wept stammering out " i love you baby" over and over. I got into my car and left for home, very upset and i felt as if i were dying inside. as soon as i got home i recieved a phone call from the lead investigator telling me a childs body had been recoverd by dive teams but there was no way to know for sure because there are no dental records or xrays to compare to. I told the investigator about my experience i just had and i said....."she has 2 circular cavitys. in her back molars, she just showed them to me" He said to me in a cracked upset voice "well then its her". I fell to the floor weeping for my child knowing that someone had done something to her and left her to die.

    I awoke with a wet pillow from the tears that were uncontrollable. my heart was racing and i felt like i was going to throw up at any moment. I cant begin to explain the extent of the emotions i was feeling. it has been bothering me all day and i hope that some interpretation will help me to understand what my brain is trying to tell me!!!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post i appreciate any help you may offer..........

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 CT

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    Re: Lost child in lake.....

    Sorry I haven't given an interpretation to your dream. I will do so first thing Saturday morning. Personal commitments this week have taken much of my time but I will get back to Forum business in the morning,

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

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    Re: Lost child in lake.....

    Hi Destiny, I know how you feel.I was 26 when I had the dream about my kids.My daughther was 4 and my son was 2.In my dream my daughter would get run over and my son drowned in a pool.I would wake up crying, sweating and my heart pounding.It felt so real, like someone had just took my heart out.I would run to them hold them tight,pray to GOD TO WATCH OVER THEM.

    I feel for you.Theres no other worst dream than loosing a child.
    Well, Im no professional dream analizer but I would like to share my thoughts of feelings from your dream.
    Please don't get offended if it's not the case,okey.=)

    (BOAT DRIFTING AWAY WITH YOUR KIDS)Could your dream be telling you that theres some kind of distant with you and your kids? Distractions are everywhere and all around, its easy to get distracted.

    Do you feel at all in your heart that you give more attention to the little one because shes younger. While the older sister wants your attention too?
    (HER WAY OF SHOWING YOU HOW TO KISS) could it be a way of telling you how she wants you to love her more?

    I know you love your kids very much and they are both equal and you dont favor one over the other.But one do gets jealous over the other and the older one alway feel like you love the younger one.(I went through this situation before,I know)

    Also are you going through some kind of relationships? more than one?

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 28yrs old - las vegas, nevada

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? yes

    Re: Lost child in lake.....

    Two things that stand out for me in this dreams is your concern for the welfare of your own children. The long narrative seems to be pointing to that. But then the attention turns to your daughter who becomes lost. I believe she may represent you as a child. A few lines from the dream that may apply to you some where in your past:

    "shes very clumbsy and too curious for her own good she could have fallen in"

    Does that in some way apply to you as a child? You may have to go back to that period of your life to understand whether it applies.

    men-30ish, well kept, dark hair medium build with blue eyes
    stalky man, white shirt, balding with scruffy beard 40'ish

    do these ages and descriptions apply to anyone you may have known or may know today? Also later in the dream the men in line are naked. This may be revealing something within the unconscious about actual men. Or it could be symbolic of attitudes toward certain men, naked meaning revealing your emotions.

    The sadness of your daughter in the dream. Could this apply to you when you were a child? And the following sentence:

    It was as if she was showing me what she could not it was seared into her memory

    Could this apply your memory?

    The adult kiss. The kept saying "i love you".

    The number two is very prevalent in the dream. Could it be that there were actual childhood experiences in your past and fears for your own daughter? The two cavities, perhaps two different experiences {your own or one each?}

    she was forced to repeat the events of that day over and over

    This could be repressed memories of past experiences. Or actual events from your past involving traumatic experiences.

    someone had done something to her and left her to die

    My impressions are this is directed at your won experiences or there is some real reason to fear for your own daughter's safety. Since there is not continuing involvement in the dream about your son I take it it is about two experiences of your own or something you share with your daughter.

    Dying inside. Is there a sadness in your life that you can not pin down as to the cause? Let me know what you think, and feel about my interpretation. There does seem to be some relationship to you as a child but it may have to do with dears and safety of your own daughter. Or both.

    Last but important. Waking emotions from a dream often reveal your true emotions. You have repressed past experiences that are the root of these emotions. There is a cause for evey emotion. determining exactly what they are is left to you.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes

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