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    skateboarding boys

    I dreamed I was in my parents old apartment..where I grew up.
    A boy (a friend of both my X-boyfriend and my brother) skateboarded by my parents open front door..I went out and was flirting with him. I was surprised by this..I wanted him to ask me out. I could see my X- also on a skateboard..and the next door neighborgirl...(who was always having different boyfriends...from very young age)..i could see her making out on her couch..and the christmas tree in side...even though it wasn't Christmas..
    Then my family was all sleeping on the floor in my parents bedroom. We discovered there was a theft..all of our DVD's had been stolen...except for two-sets of FIVE (seemed significant) Bible story videos...
    I was very scared because the videos and dvds were right by my head as I I insisted my parents install a security system..they didn't pay any attention...and i was hysterical and I told them I was going to move out and get my own appartment and a security system. My red pepper spray was also in the dream.

    (background) my family was/is really dysfunctional. my first boyfriend and .I had a really unhealthy relationship...abusive...still have sadness about my X...and my brother and he are both alcholics/drug addicts..
    My parents are really hard on me..I am the only one in my family that is responsible...I have been planning my retirement since I was 10..I was almost like a parent to my parents. I am really involved in my Christian church, I am a school teacher, going back to get my Masters degree. I have had really bad relationships and wonder if I will ever find a husband..I have father father was really controlling and judgemental, a religious fanatic. I was just dumped by a guy who seemed really nice, but who I guess wasn't ready for a relationship. Any ideas?

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 California

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? no

    Re: skateboarding boys

    Thanks for the background information. Knowing that little bit about you helps. It is always a little more difficult to read someone of your age dreams since the mid 20s is still at a stage of ego development where dreams tend to address personal waking outer issues as opposed to inner issues that an older person would have. But inner issues are always a part of dreams and determining which aspect is more in focus can be difficult. Knowing about your family life provides insights to which direction to look.

    Being back in your parents old apartment may represent current life situations or emotions that 'place' you back in those situations. It could also possibly represent a complex about that aspect of your life {an apartment being a part of the whole building, a complex being a part of your psyche}.
    ....the growing up may provide clues that it is addressing a 'complex' developed in childhood. Knowing the personal info you provided may support that possibility also.

    Th boy skateboarding may be addressing your parents being 'hard on you'. The surprise in the dream would be because of the strictness, your parents never letting you do something like that in rel life.

    But I sense there could be suggestions of rebelling against this authority. The boy was skateboarding {skateboarding-is that something you are familiar or have a particular association with}. But so is your x. And the girl next door who- permissive. Is this merely a desire to re-bell or did you actually have such experiences when you were younger {perhaps snicking out or being a flirt}.

    Christmas. Religious holiday? And a time of celebration. But it wasn't Christmas. Perhaps the above was merely a wish or desire to have your freedom.

    Are you still in that mode of trying to get your freedom from your parents, at least psychologically it not in reality? Perhaps the 'complex' I mentioned above.

    The stolen DVDs. Except for the bible story videos. This probably represents your strict religious upbringing with everything a normal child should expect being stolen from you. And it occurred in parents bedroom {can we read something else into that?}, and on the floor, perhaps an indication it has affected your psychological foundation {floor}.

    The security system. Proper parental love and acceptance in childhood is the true security system needed by us all. You need to get your own since your parents did not pay proper attention to your real needs. The hysteria. Is there fears today that are a result of a lack of parental love? It all seems to correspond to the additional info you provided.

    But what is the complex? You spoke of your involvement in your church. Does that invoke possible conflicts from your childhood into your current life?

    And the bad relationships? is that because of the type of men you choose {common with women who have bad relationships with their father}? What type men are you usually attracted to?
    Or is it your own have problems relating to men? perhaps a bit of that to go along with the type of men you choose.

    I have presented a lot of possibilities. If you can tie what fits with what doesn't, we may gather further insights to your unconscious psyche, and the possibly 'those' complexes I spoke of.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes

    Re: skateboarding boys


    Thank you....Most of the interpretation seems to feel accurate...especially about the part on my parents floor, the theft of my childhood, etc. I might be attracted to "rebellious" (skateboarding) guys....I do have very "complex" thoughts, always trying to decide if I am not pleasing my father...could I be doing something "wrong"....I am still trying to separate from my parents emotionally and psychologically...And, I never feel "perfect" enough to gain my parent's (God's?) approval...Could this be the "complex" you refer to ? This does give me quite a bit of anxiety..

    Thanks for your help!!! That was amazing!

    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 California

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Follow Up to Interpretation

    Re: skateboarding boys

    The 'complex' most likely has to do with the relationship with your parents. You may want to focus on the 'type' of men you are attracted to. There may be an element of wrong selections that has to do with parental relationships, an unconscious desire to fill the void of bad parents by selecting men who are substitutes for that bad parenting. The possibilities are you trying to fulfill your mother's role {to reverse her inadequate mothering} with the same type men as your father. Or choosing men who you consciously think are opposite your father yet unconsciously mirror him.

    Unconsciously you are wanting to recoup what was 'stolen' from you as a child. That may be through actions you do not realize you are using, an unconscious thing that carries over from childhood.

    About your church activities. How did the men in your life look upon that. Were they church going also? Or opposite what your father was in those regards? Do they have similar or opposite characteristics. The same for your mother. Are your actions opposite hers? Is it intentional or are you unconsciously mirroring her actions in some ways?

    Look at these possibilities to determine what complexes you may possess. To truly understand them it may be necessary to seek counseling {something that should not be looked upon as a bad thing to do}.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 58 Murfreesboro, Tn

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} Male

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