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    Guy on white stallion

    dream in countryside in olden days of cart and buggy
    I am traveling down a road with 2-3 girlfriends and a guy
    we are chased out of town and harassed, on the run
    Ugly yet not menacing older man always tagging along in wagon
    sense that the guy traveling w/my friends is my X?
    stop at a hotel. guy has brought only 1 set of socks and underwear in a plastic bag. I think it is gross and show my friends how to wash underwear. I am shocked that this guy wasn't more prepared to travel.
    Friends go to dance or party?
    Guy gives me DVD to watch and leaves.
    In DVD the guy looking SO hot rides up on a white stallion. He asks me to travel to the neighbors across the field for a date. A festival or show? Then, he turns and rides the great horse away. The horse stumbles, waivers, then crashes to the dirt path with him still on it. It then leaps up and rides out of site.
    I feel happy to be asked out, but am laughing at the fall. SO FUNNY. I have to show my friends and family.
    Friends and family come and watch DVD and laugh. Guy is now there too.
    Guy is standing on knees watching. I go and get on my knees and hug him. He puts his arm around me. I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort. I whisper in his ear that I would love to go out. He kisses me, I am surprised that he would make a move so early. He seems a bit sad. I ask him why and he says that some things should just be between us. That I didn't need to show everyone the DVD. I agree inside. His arm is still around me and I feel totally loved and accepted even though I messed up.
    At the end of the dream I feel so at peace, loved, knowing this guy if for real and really cares about me.

    dont know if it first the "guy" seemed to be one X (an abusive first boyfriend..when we were running out of town)..then he "morphed" into the guy I just broke up with (that I thought might be my husband...but turned out being really immature..and we broke up after several week...then the "guy" changed into the really handsome "rescuer"....there was only ONE guy in other words..but he kept changing.

    if you can make anything of this....I am not sure what it means.


    Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 26 US

    Have You Posted Before? Date of Last Post {Use Search and Your Post Name to Help Find Last Post} female

    How Did You Find the Dream Forum? Yes, once (skateboarding boy)

    Re: Guy on white stallion

    It may be your childhood experiences are being addressed in this dreams as well as your present situation as it has to do with romantic relationships/choices, and the association of one to the other. Let's break the dream down and see where it leads.

    The olden days of cart and buggies could represent your past. The road your are traveling would be your life's path. The town is your complete psyche. The two girls and one boy, perhaps it has to do with some real life experience but may represent the makeup of different aspects of your psyche {primarily feminine with a masculine aspect}.

    Being chased out of town and harassed. Could that be your past relationship with your father {olden days of cart and buggy}? The same association with the ugly but not menacing older man {your dad}.

    Then your x appears. Could that represent the conflicting relationship with him that reflects past experiences with your dad?

    The socks and underwear. The underwear may represent aspects that are kept hidden. Socks cover the feet which often represent the foundation or principles you live by. Perhaps the socks represent 'covering up' certain emotions. That goes with the underwear. The guy would represent your own masculine side {men tend to hide their emotions}. The friends are other aspects of yourself, perhaps indicating parts of you are hidden that need to come out in the 'wash'.

    Life goes on {building and supporting your ego, party and dance}.

    The 'HOT' guy on the white stallion. Your wrong choice of relationships, your guy you just broke up with who seemed to be your 'knight in shining armor' relationship that crashes. Here again the dream may be pointing to choices of relationships. Are these guys anything like your father? Or perhaps some one who you think is opposite your father only to realize you made a wrong choice?

    The next guy in your dream seems to fit with your own masculine aspect. That desire/need for fulfillment of a true masculine support and love that was 'lost' in your childhood.
    "I agree inside".
    Such language in dreams usually points to 'inner aspects' such as I just noted above.

    My sense is the dream is addressing those unresolved childhood issues and how the influences affect your choices in later life, especially in your men relationships. It is the inner self that needs fulfillment so the outer self can find balance and harmony. The end of the dream is the wish and desire, and the need to acknowledge these conflicting issues and resolve them. Plus the desire for a 'truly' good romantic relationship with the 'right type' guy.

    Does this fit with your inner, and outer existence? I took your first dream and used that info in interpreting this dream. Knowing you have issues with parents as a child, this dream seems to be addressing those issues and the consequences in later life from those negative experiences.


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