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rickety old house

I was staying with some people, it was like a slumber party, some I knew, some I didn't and we... just got into a pool we weren't supposed to be in and stayed in for like a minute and went back to our bunker.. I grabbed these two comforters that I sleep on every night and we went on a little hike.. well.. adventure... to this rickety old run down house.. (I read somewhere that a house in your dream is like the embodiment of your mind) anyways. we went into the house and there were many many stories and a bunch of holes in each story and a yellow rope hanging down thru it. some were sturdy and some were not, you had to be careful as not to fall. Well occasionally I came close to falling, but never did. I would do back flips and tricks off the rope and land on very sturdy places cuz you had to jump as there were holes all over the place. I left one blanket upstairs in some ricktey attic lookin thing around the center of the house.. horizontally, AnD vertically. but we all got down and went outside and tried to go to sleep. I went back inside though because I had left my blanket. I went inside and got the blanket and some girl had followed me in there... and I offered her the blanket and she said. "you're so sweet you are always doing things in a complicated way, and it seems like it's for yourself..." but it never is...
anyways... i believe that's all I can remember of this dream. do you think the rickety house symbolizes an old soul?

I also had a dream once a long time ago when me and my friends were walking through a mountain and I was with my "boyfriend" whom didn't exist.. and we found a bunch of weed plants growing everywhere! mariijuana they picked all the ones on the cliff... but there were some across the way.. as we were walkin down the dirt road and a little creek ran alongside the road.. we hopped over the creek and then my boyfriend picked them all so we kept going on this side trail and ended up in a castle that was built into the mountain.. many a details later, I ran back through a tunnel I thought i had come in.. but it was no longer there. (the point of no return? of knowledge.) I literally ran straight out of the mountain... and was plummetting to my death.. and my friends plus some old crushes in the path were down there and did not see me coming towards them.. I thought that was the end of it.. I asked for help.. and I caught myself.. by extending my limbs and wedging myself between these two rocks that would have been my doom.

tell me please. :]

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