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Re: New Web Site Up & Running/Hurricane A Coming

After some 'hard' work {work is no longer work since I retired} I have taken my Creative Thinking Web Design website to the first page of Google rankings under 'Web Design Space Coast Fl'. It was ranked fourth this morning. Yesterday it was on the second page, a week ago not even in the top 10 pages.

About Internet Search {Google/Bing/Yahoo}

You may ask why have I added the links to my Melbourne websites at the top of the Dream Forum page and list them every time I make a post. The facts are with every mention of a website it creates a link to that site and 'incoming' links from other websites is one major criteria in internet search rankings. The same holds true with every post made at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. When I finish this post I will list it with the mentioned social websites and thus create a minimum of 5 new links. This is how I have been able to boost my rankings so quickly with Google. That and the use of Google and Bing 'Webmaster Tools'. I just yesterday submitted the site to Bing so those rankings will take a little to time to rise.

Internet Search Rankings {Google/Bing/Yahoo}

Did you know that Google search commands 66.8% of the US market in internet search comScore.com? Microsoft sites {Bing} has a 15.7% share and Yahoo 13% {I can remember back in the late 90s when Yahoo was top dog by a long shot}. This is important to know when designing a website. Google and Bing use different criteria in their search and when I build a website I do so with Google 'on my mind'. Our fence companies, or should I say my son's fence companies since I have retired, are both {Gifford Fence/Middle Tennessee and Gifford Fence Orlando} ranked on the first page under just about 'ALL' fence categories {try searching 'wood fence Nashville, Tn or Orlando Fl}. Just imagine the results we get from these high rankings. The increased traffic results in increased sales. Bing on the first page is like having a full page ad in the Yellow Pages {both of which costs thousands of dollarsa month to have}.

Also, if you will mouse over the websites I have listed {other than the comScore site} you will see a descriptive box about that site. The same holds true for images. Mouse over the image of the left and see the results. I control what is seen.

Those who know, know. Those who don't know need to call me.

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