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Re: Jerry's Dream

Welcome, and thank you. Interpreting dreams at the dream Forum is a part of my bliss. Now that I am retired {the first week in October of 2012} I can do it full time and that has been a goal I have had for a long time. It is comments like yours that makes it worth all the years I have put into building the Myths-Dreams-Symbols website {1998} and the Dream Forum.

I see you live in Middle Tennessee. I an a Nashville native and just moved from Murfreesboro to Palm Bay Florida. Besides my son who lives in Orlando my family still resides in Middle Tennessee.

If you have a dream you wish me to look and give an interpretation please post it. Interpretations are free. Everyone is welcome to participate.
Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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Re: Jerry's Dream


What a nice dream, so resolving. I want to share a thought I have about it.

For me, confusion occurrs when I am in my head or thinking too much. Going around and around with a concern or concerns and getting nowhere. I love in your dream how the fire chief guides you out or together you guide each other back down. Besides putting out fires, fire fighters escape burning buildings and they are very good at it, the best, really. What a great archetype to have on your side & at your side!

Moving is hard and adjusting takes times.


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