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Re: Recent dreams

I read about Campbell's early friendship with Steinbeck in the Stephen Larsen's biography of Campbell A Fire in the Mind. It seems there was jealousy over a female friend of both men and if I remember correctly Steinbeck ended up marrying her.

As for Cannery Row. I was not aware of this aspect of the relationship. I did not read the book was quite taken by and tremendously enjoyed the movie which starred Nick Nolte and Debra Winger.
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Re: dream interpretation


I never said outloud that I am diving into the dream, journey, living intuituvely, but I am. The guidance is there if we look & listen for it. That is what I've discovered. Letting go of the things, being Higher Power guided, is so much simpler, but not always easy. So my journey feels inward & downward. I really appreciate what you said about the feminine aspect. Looking at the myths, women get one of 2 roles, temptist or mother/goddess. But with Jung's anima/animous, I believe I've learned how to transpose many of outer lessons I've been taught.

I had a friend for many years who was a Jungian and wonderful person. Alas, I can no longer call him. He may have made his transition or just changed addresses in San Francisco. I believe I need to share my dreams or I miss the point. There is a local Jungian woman, but she is expensive after completeing her Phd. I found her too remote & unfeeling- kind of a difficult person to talk to. Here's the thing, everyone I respect & feel share my journey with do NOT have degrees! Anyone can get one, it's the person and the ones without who tend to be deeper, more honest and to work harder, all from passion, not external labelling.

We moved to this apt on a big channeling lake after foreclosure on our house. I had a dream over a year before I moved here of this apt, on the water, surrounded by water. I find connecting with nature daily & exercise, also daily, very important.

As D.H.Lawrance said, "Life is the mystery of the unfolding rose, not a problem to be solved." I am learning a lot reading your website. Thanks for your generous spirit!


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Re: Recent dreams

Cannery Row, the movie, is from 2 of Steinbeck's books. The book is the jewel! Campbell wrote about this in "The Jos.Campbell Companion" I can't find it to quote it for you directly. So many books and a lot of them repeats, but good reminders.

How do I rescue my animous? I dreamt last night that we stopped on the side of the road to help an old man who was injured (lying prone) in front of a store. THere was another reference to the same "rescue" in the dream, a sick younger man. Two nights ago, I dreamt of being way too exposed in the feminine (too graphic to share), but a clear message!!! LOL. But it occurred in a square shaped tidepool. I ended up looking at these sea turtles swimming in such deep water, it was amazing.

I do agree that I need more masculine energy in my waking situation with my 2 sisters & even recognized it conciously. Regression can be so strong. :o(. I was going to just let this be and allow my unconcious to show me more, but then I wrote in my journal: "more will be reveiled" instead of "revealed" Freudian, I think so...lol. So then I wrote the above question and thought: Ask Jerry, the dream man. :o)


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