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Re: Dream about puppies (disturbing)

My comment, "The plurality of puppies may represent fears this new relationship has more than one possibility {multiple possibilities-his female friend}. But the plurality may also suggest something beyond that." addresses the probability of more than just one application/meaning to the dream's message. There is more than one puppy. The heading for your dream was {Dream about puppies and in the dream {which is your true self} you state you were holding 'one of the puppies'. Using Jung's instruction it is best to 'amplify' the dream symbols I see this as a important to understanding the full extent of the dream. You are holding one puppy out a group of several.

The number of puppies and the fact you were holding one of them in your hand may have an explanation in your last response. The one puppy could be your 'sensing' there are more to his feelings than he is willing to admit. Those are intuitive perceptions, something that, if truly intuitive are never wrong {at least that is my position, unprovable as it may be}. But you also 'sense' he will not 'act on these feelings'. Multiply sensory perceptions equals more than one puppy.

The last sensory perception, is that from the head or from the wounded heart? Intuitiveness is from the soul. What you trust is his words, 'he will not act on the feelings'. My take that is a 'head thing'.

To just break it off at this time would be impulsive. I don't 'see' you as the impulsive type. Nor in my opinion does the dream. In the dream the puppy is in your hand which as I stated in my original post may point to your 'objective' ability to solve the issue. Let time run its course, let your intuitive self be a determiner of what is true and not true.

Let me speak from experience {I could write a book about my experiences 'of the heart', which were numerous }. This is not from the dream but from the 'tone' of your last post about trust which rings a 'bell' in my mind. Of course if we were face to face I may feel different.

In reality, and this comes from a someone who does have extensive experience in such matters, taking his word should be taken with a grain of caution. Unusual relationships are 'unusual' and most often not as they are presented. Every experience is different but patterns of behavior are more often static, they apply more does the exception. Let's hope his words are true and the exception.

Another experience is with the intuitive aspect. I have always possessed an 'insight' mind, seeing beyond what is visible. Along with extensive experience working with people {I worked in health codes enforcement for 12 years, day to day meeting all types of people} the intuitive aspect has been invaluable. But it was not until I fully put my trust in my intuitive self that I realized it is never wrong. NEVER!!!! The intuitive mind is something provided by nature. It is much like the fight or flight response when danger is 'sensed'. It is natural response. The biggest barrier to accessing this natural aspect is 'thinking about it', not trusting the natural senses.

Give it more time. Use you senses and sensibilities. The puppy is in your hand and you have the ability to 'make things all-right'. That is from the dream.

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