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The Portable Jung

While listening to the CD of Anthony Stevens 'Jung: A Very Short Introduction' I couldn't help but think I had heard this before. I wrongly thought I had read his book previously some years ago but going through my 'library' I could not find it. Nor do I remember buying the book {I do have it on order}. His words not only rang true to my senses but were very much in exact terms to how I approach and interpret dreams {at this Forum}. His description of Jungian psyche are very much my thought patterns.
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an audio sample of the CD

A 'cultivated' intuitive mind can access aspects of the unconscious beyond the norm, I believe this as fact. But the exact reasoning and vocabulary of Jung's words are not a part of that unconscious content {not as a norm}. So why is that so much of what Stevens has to say is so familiar to me? Not the overview of Jungian philosophy but exact words? Well I found the answer. I had began a refresher course in Jung and Campbell and one of the books I had in my library was the The Portable Jung edited by Joseph Campbell. While reading the book at Starbucks at Indiatlantic beach {a new ritual I undertake several times a week} it all came to me. What Campbell had stated in the book is exactly what Stevens was saying in this CD. Along with Campbell's other books {most of which I have read} Jungian psyche is a real possibility to understand for the layperson. Anyone, including those who are trained in Jungian psyche as a professional will appreciate Campbell's articulation of Jungian psychology. If an ordinary mind like I possess can comprehend Campbell's articulation of Jung most anyone can do the same.

On the subject of Indiatlantic Beach. My rental home is 15 minutes from the beach {1/2 mile from the bay as the crow flies}. Melbourne has a great arts district located downtown just of the Indian River Lagoon{Bay}. The photo on the left is the Boardwalk. Starbucks is across the street from the boardwalk next to Bizzarro Pizza, Cold Stone Creamery and Burrito Ranch Co. As soon as I finish this post
I am headed out the door to go to Starbucks, and the beach.

Oh by the way. It is 74 degrees and sunny here in Palm Bay, on the first day of December.

On a more personal note it is my son's, Jerry, 40th birthday. He lives in Orlando and owns a fence contracting business. Gifford Fence Company of Orlando {he also still has the business in Middle Tennessee}.
Fence contractor. What I use to do before I followed my bliss to Palm Bay.

Jerry The God Within You A Prayer For You

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