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Re: Vice Presidents


Thank you for your kind & compassionate reply. It's all about the journey and that was what I got from the mirror dream with my doggy on a trail coming towards me. It answered something inside me- it ain't over, even after death. It hurts and it's important to experience that hurt. I've noticed that a lot of addictive behavior occurs surrounding incomplete grieving, be it drugs, food, sex, hoarding, gambling etc. Also Jung said we want to live and plan living even in the elderly. Cancer patients will go through as many treatments as allowed, while loved ones "wish" they could stop suffering. I keep observing this in others and in myself. Preventing hurt in others is not my job, I guess, nor within my power.

My spiritual practices get simpler & simpler. My prayer is "Please help me" or "Please help us" or someone's name. I ask to be guided. I try to keep an attitude of gratitude and this goes very deep. With my thoughts I "let go & let God" this has always been a powerful & effective affirmation for me. I surrender, absolutely let go, physically, mentally, emotionally by laying flat on my bed. Sitting in a chair is uncomfortable, thus distracting. I try to listen, intuitively. My art is as meditative as I can get it without trying to control it. Probably that is the hardest part. My sense of limitation. But I am aware of this now, from things you've said. So I am working towards being more confident with my art. This also correlates with a dream I had last week of Stevie Wonder & I playing the piano together. I asked him who he was, he said,"whatever you want to call me" We then "played" the piano and I stopped saying, "You play, I'm not good enough". I transposed this in the day to mean, I don't feel confident enough in my art. You mentioned unblossoming marigolds in a dream I had, which I honestly dismissed. But now I can see it, feel it.

My goal with my art at the moment is to express feelings & emotions that the viewer can feel. For me the process is so healing and makes me feel whole in terms of all the art disiplines I have learned. Dance, mime, and good drawing skills.

Today I choose to believe in God's love not my fears. And not avoiding feelings, but embracing them, sad, mad or glad. Thinking of what the police say a lot on COPS "Stop resisting, stop resisting."

Please let me know which is the best Marion Woodman book to read. The audio is not as appealing to me as the written word.

I feel you will do very well with the people at the churchs for you are very compassionate. Coming from the heart is so important to me in my daily life and I let go of anything or anyone that prevents that.


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Re: Vice Presidents

I don't see anything in your last post that offers any further insights to the dream. I do get the impression that because you have never felt protected and supported as you do with Rozie, plus the fact you are at that age where lose is a usual thought, as well as all the people you know who are suffering, these factors likely play a major role in your fears. A primary purpose of dreams is to help resolve emotional conflicts. I take a position that goes a bit beyond what Jung expounded that dreams are naturally and 'intentionally' therapeutic. Much like the immune system is the body's defense against physical illness so too the dream a defense against emotional illness. The dream is trying to help the dreamer resolve emotional issues.

As for the inclusion of Bush and Mondale in the dream, your earlier experiences could very well have played into this. And because dreams do address issues from a day or two prior to the dream, recent news about Bush's illness may have been a stimulus for their inclusion as symbols.

Your remark about wanting to die 15 minutes apart from Rozie brought back memories I have of a close aunt and uncle who passed away within a day of each other. The uncle had been ill for some time and hospitalized but my aunt had no indications of illness, She died of a heart attack the day after he passed away.

You speak of your art. Jung believe heavily in using the creative aspects as a way of treating emotional conflicts as well as developing wholeness. Jung influenced the practice of art therapy with his respect for visual imagery and the profound psychological meaning he found inherent in artwork. Jungian art therapists may suggest art as a means to explore dreams and archetypal images in search of personal meaning.

Archetypal art therapy
A post-Jungian archetypal therapist would be less likely to translate an art image into a concept but would instead imaginatively explore the metaphors within an image. First named by James Hillman in 1970, archetypal therapy emphasizes staying with an image through imaginative exploration-the image includes the artwork, the client’s behavior in art making, and the therapist’s interactions. Archetypal psychology as represented n the work of Carl Jung, James Hillman, Mary Watkins, Patricia Berry and David Miller involves stepping away from the interpretation of symbols and archetypes toward the use of metaphor in understanding one’s imagery. “Listening” to the voice of the image through description and active imagination helps to deepen the qualities of the imagery and their meaning.

You may want to read about Jung's art therapy as a tool in your 'recovery' as well as the fears you have about death. Here is a link that will provide some insights Psyche & Muse: Creative Entanglements with the Science of the Soul.

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