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Re: new development

I appreciate your quick response and elaborating on my comments. The unconscious influences for which I spoke, something you probably were consciously aware of, do seem to fit the childhood you experienced. The complex, and we all have complexes of some degree, would be related to these experiences. The childhood town in your dream was you as a child. The discouragement of expressing yourself may be what the canals are about, the complexes of not being able to be your true self. Such discouragement would have left its mark on your psyche and would be an influencing factor of your psyche as an adult. Those would be related to the mountain-like shapes on the horizon. The dream is addressing the early life issues has they have to do with your adult persona and personality.

The 'racial secluded community' also has been explained. The minority family 'you have chosen' does in waking life seclude you from certain peers, friends and possibly family. You are not a minority but do identify with a minority family. You area part of that family. That fits with the dream and although I could not pinpoint this exactly {a good interpretation will identify the perimeters of a dream but can not do much in identifying specifics} it does fit with what I saw.

As for the buildings being your childhood dreams. the buildings would indeed be you metaphorically, if not in the present then at some time in your life. Te buildings that are associated with political and business would likely be addressing your adult life. The way you described these buildings in your response makes it sound as if you are following a path expected of you but not what you really want in life. There is where the Cathedral would have relevance. As I stated in my interpretation the Cathedral would the the spiritual self and in Jungian psyche that would the TRUE SELF. The dream is wanting you to focus on this true aspect. And your statement about the red building being art. That would suggest a creative aspect as I pointed out. If you are having to pursue the political/business route then more likely you are having to sacrifice the creative {I don't believe there were description of the building colors in your original dream post}.

My question is can you identify aspects of your childhood that may have affected who you are today, your personality? Does having been discouraged as a child have relevance in your adult life? That may be the pattern I am looking for that would fill the canal {complex}.

Overall I believe we have a good match between the dream, my interpretation and your response. But the great desire is to determine what to do, which path to take in your choice of career paths. If you are willingly submitting to the pressures of following the political/business path then that would be opposite your natural psyche {every psyche has the greater being within and that being is of the creative/spiritual realm}. I see the dream addressing that aspect. If correct then your would be wrong to follow that path since it would be reverting back to childhood ways of being discouraged to be your true self. That may be the complex, not being able to be your true self because you are expected to follow the rules set forth by someone else.

If you wish to expound on what is happening in your life as to do with the possible paths in more detail then we may be able to better understand how to get past the 'mountains' that stand in your way of making the correct career decision. Or you can use what we have learned and privately work with the issues.

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Re: new development

You have been quite helpful and I know what I have to do. It actually feels like a somewhat near recent decision I made that was very difficult yet very rewarding. It would be a tragedy to sacrifice these magnificent "eternal" structures to make way for a life that I don't want. Childhood discouragement has been and still is very heavy but I have good support now and meditation also helps. As with all big endeavors one step at a time will get me where I want to be and bring joy along the way.

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