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Re: loose teeth

Yes, do try to control the action the next time you have a dream involving the teeth, or any other dream where there needs to be a 'letting go'. The next dream may use different symbols which will have the same metaphorical reference. I may be mistaken but believe I remember you saying you had worked with lucid dreaming previously. That would be beneficial in this effort to conjure up 'unconscious mind control' in your next dream.

A correction. In my last post/interpretation I used the language:
The ego knows what needs to be done {get someone to splint them"}.

Of course I should have used the word 'unconscious' and not ego. The ego will try to prevent {Defence Mechanisms} the unconscious contents from becoming conscious in defense of doing damage to the persona/mask/personality that has been constructed, the 'I' or 'me' {what you think of yourself and what you want others to think of you}. The unconscious {dream}, as a natural aspect for healing, wants to expose the emotional conflicts so there can be an acknowledgement which can lead to a resolution of the conflicts and a healing.

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Re: loose teeth

Justin: I read your dream and kinda agree with the great Jerry. I had a loose tooth dream myself, so I understand how bewildering it can be. What I discovered was that my issue was about communication; with the facial blow you received (a veritable 'slap in the face'), and trying desperately to hold things in place until help was received all the w ahile trying to keep on handling your business seem like issues that need to be addressed vocally. It makes me wonder if something unpleasant has occurred that maybe you should be vocal about, but are holding in trying to 'save face', all the while trying to carry on as if nothing is wrong.

Of course I cannot know, but I do hope this helps.

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