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zombies and ketchup

had a dream about zombie apocalypse they were slow tho and i was not scared went to a surival store and started taking what i thought we needed took what looked like light and other equipment tried to take a gun and ammo but the store owner there did not let me and i could not understand why they wanted me to buy the weapon i told them what good is money now i woke up and went back to sleep and had another dream about my family i was with my brother and my mom and for some reason everything had ketchup packets and i steped on one and it hit my brothers face and he got mad but i was laughing so we walked for a little bit and went into a building and in fort of me one of my dogs i have had in the past appared and ran into the building but i cant remeber which dog it was anyways whent into the building and saw my grandma and my other brother sitting at a table and my grandma saw that my other brother who came with me and my mom into the building had ketchup oh his face so she started to laugh and then i woke up

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Re: zombies and ketchup

I'm sorry but I can't give an interpretation from the way you wrote the dreams. If you will put them into a narrative instead of a continuous sentence perhaps i will be able to make heads from tails.

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