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Dream about dog barking at me while I'm in the shower

I had a dream wherein I'm in the bathroom having a shower and when I open the shower curtain there is a big dog in the bathroom with me. The dog is black and brown, and I'm 80% certain it is a rottweiler. When I first see the dog, it was not being mean but I was immediately scared because of the appearance of the dog. I am a dog lover myself and own four small dogs, but I've always had a fear of big and ferocious dog (like rottweilers). So a face-to-face encounter with such immediately elicits fear in me. When I first open the shower curtain the dog is just there sitting looking at me. It was not being mean but not necessarily being friendly either. But when I tried to move (I think I was trying to reach for a towel) that's when the dog starts barking and snarling at me. So I'm just there paralyzed with fear and unable to move. What can that mean?

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Re: Dream about dog barking at me while I'm in the shower

Being in the bathroom taking a shower may suggest you need a cleansing or an elimination of something that you are afraid of. The dog represent repressed parts of the psyche. There is a 'curtain' {shower curtain] that must be removed before you can see what this is. Likely it is something within your unconscious that is 'just sitting there' to be discovered. There may be an emotional issue {other than your fear of large dogs} that needs resolution, a cleansing.

Is there anything other than large dogs that is capable of paralyzing you? There may be something you need to 'move' out of your unconscious that is just sitting there' waiting to be made consciously known. Are there any repressed experiences in your life that you do not wish to deal with?

Other dreams may help reveal what this could be. Send me any other recent dreams that seem to fit with this one and I'll see what I can get from them. A single dream seldom reveals what the emotional issue is, it usually takes a series of dreams to do that.

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