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dream with my deceased father

8 months ago I lost my father to cancer treatments which later caused development of pneumonia.

A dream I just had, started with myself sitting on a couch in an unknown home and looking through a photo album. My dad walked in and asked if I had found his batteries yet. When I questioned which batteries he was talking about, he told me "the same batteries that have been hanging out of your bag, under your bed, for the past four years". The response had me confused because he had known where the batteries were. I went into a bed room which was partially empty. A children's bed and a four drawer dresser. I started looking under the bed where there was just a pile of junk...a tiny roach had even crawled out. But he later asked "is she helping you find them?". I turned to look behind me and it was myself as a child, sitting next to me. I told my dad she was helping. Sitting next to her, she had a book of some sort. When the child version of me opened the book there was a mirror. She looked up over the doorway where family portraits hung. When the mirror was angled right, she made the "square-shaped glare" take a spot on the wall next to the portraits. The glare hid other small photos. But when she did that, she smiled and lightly laughed. I then woke up in a cold sweat.

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Re: dream with my deceased father

I have been working on your dream this morning and just about have my interpretation completed. But I need to stop and will finish later in the day.
A couple of questions if you should read this post before I return.

Did something happened four years ago {or was ongoing for the past four years} that was important to both you and your father? And or was there an experience early in life that may have shaped your life? Or perhaps both? The number 4 appears in the dream twice {and actually makes a reference to the past four years} and there is the square shaped glare at the end of the dream. A square has 4 sides.

The reason I mention this is numbers often play a big role in understanding dreams. They often reference an emotional experience{s} in the dreamer's life.


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Re: dream with my deceased father

I've gone over the dream and although I see a few possibilities I'll let you decide what fits. There are definite unconscious aspects that are now trying to made conscious. Look at what I have offered and see where it may fit with your life and the relationship with your father.

The dream starts out with you looking through a photo album. Usually that would represent looking at your past, and perhaps not wanting to let go of that {past}. That would be normal {not wanting to let go of past memories} but in dreams most often the focus is on deeper emotional conflicts and not wanting to let go of something would be more than sentimentality. There would be deeper emotional reasons. Because it is usual for the first part of a dream to point to a central conflict, this not wanting to let go would likely be an emotional conflict that is unresolved. Consciously you may have put it in the back of your mind {passive attitude toward it} but unconsciously it remains and seeks closure.

The first sentence has you sitting on a couch which may suggest passivity, not consciously wanting to know or confront something in your past. The unknown home could be something hidden {as described above}. The home is you, your secure self with all of its emotional needs. There are 'unknown' or hidden aspects that threaten that security

Then your dad enters into the equation looking for batteries. Batteries would symbolize emotional energies and would have to do with your dad. But there are so many emotional energies about him. Which emotional aspect is the dream trying to communicate toy you? We may need to look in your bag {where you carry your emotions}, with one particular emotional aspect hanging out. Something that has been hidden under your bed. A bed can symbolize a bridge between the unconscious and conscious. Your dad knew what these emotional energies were because they involved him.

Note: Batteries are something that need recharging. Those experiences in life that you have 'hidden' away in the unconscious would need an emotional 'recharge' to bring them back to consciousness.

Also. A bed could represent intimate aspects. If there is something intimate then you should readily recognize it. If not then look to the bridge representation.

An empty bedroom would suggest something that is missing within the inner self. Partially empty would suggest something within the unconscious but not conscious. A children's bed could be about childhood qualities or experiences. The dresser drawers would represent hidden aspects {another place you keep things hidden often personal things}. The number of drawers {4} could suggest wholeness {looking for wholeness} but because it appeared earlier in the dream as '4 years ago' that time frame may be relevant. Or perhaps even experiences that early in life.

Looking under the bed would be looking for hidden things. The junk would be discarded emotions. A roach {one} would suggest one emotional experience in particular that has crawled out, an undesirable thing, from your memories.

The later part is you as an adult. You are looking back into your childhood {you as a child}, and there is something emotional about that period of time that was hidden {unconscious}. Looking back {and consciously thinking about} this past experience is helping you to find something within yourself that has been hidden. She holds knowledge about {book}. When you open this book about yourself you see the true self {mirror}, what is inside you emotionally. You are see within your whole self. When you look at how you perceive yourself you see something that has been hard to recognize in your total self {spot}. This experience or emotions hides other things within you.

This dream could very well be about the memories associated with your father. There are specific experiences or memories that have been hidden away. This could indicate something about the relationship with your dad that affected your life as an adult. The number 4 can be very important. Is there something within the last 4 years that may fit? The child {you} may have specific associations to your past. At that age it would be difficult to remember experiences since memory usually doesn't begin until the age of 4 or 5.

This last part about the mirror and book are clues to the whole dream. Do you have a daughter? If so the mirror and book and child could represent reflections of your self and life that are similar to your daughter. The age of 4 could fit with that.

I can only see so much within a dream and not specifics {for instance, whether the child is you and/or your daughter}. If there are no traumatic experiences that you have 'hidden' away involving your father then the dream would likely be about general relationship with him and those memories. Or if you have a daughter look at what could be in common between you and her and fathers. Only you can put the pieces together.

Dreams are therapeutic and attempt to help resolve emotional issues. This is what your dream is doing. Let me know your thoughts and perhaps we can gain more insights from those.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63 Space Coast, Fla.

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