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Shot in the Head

I was on vacation last week in Prague, Czech Republic and I had the strangest dream.

I was in the middle of a conflict between two groups of people that I didn't really know. I went over to the house of one of the groups. It was a condo with orange shag carpeting. I was talking to a man who was in his 20's and influential in one of the groups. He told me that if I was going to lie about my age (something I don't do in real life) that I should say I am older, not younger, than I actually am. He kissed me then shot me in the forehead three times with a pistol.

I felt no pain, but as I left I felt that I should seek some help. Suddenly my mother and an ex-boyfriend were with me. I did not want them to know that I had been shot, to prevent them from being frightened. I told them that I needed to visit an herbalist, so we did, and the herbalist prepared a tincture for me. It was yellow and he served it to me in a tall glass.

I began to feel ill at that point, and wanted to ask for an ambulance. However, I couldn't say the word for ambulance and it kept coming out as "entertainer", so no one understood what I needed. I then told my mother and ex that I had been shot. They both looked at my head, but could see no wounds. I took them back to the condo and we found the three bullet holes in the carpet. At that point the wounds were visible on my head.

We then tried to exit the condo by going down a set of stairs. The orange carpet was so thick on the stairs that I had trouble walking. At that point I sat down, and noticed that I could no longer hear in my right ear, or see from my right eye. I had the distinct feeling that I was going to die soon, then I woke up.

The feeling that I had upon waking was not fear, but more like bewilderment and curiosity. I have never had a dream like this before and I really want to know what it means.

Any ideas?

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Re: Shot in the Head

First off let me state that all dreams have at least two meanings/applications. I don't see this one as being an exception. Knowing so little about you {gender, age and that you were recently on vacation} I can only venture to say what the recent waking experiences could have been {one meaning/application}. The deeper aspects would have to do with that but also addressing something that would be a conflict beyond those experiences.

The dream starts out with your having conflicting emotional choices and preferring on over the other. It may involve an incident where you had to take sides. It could possibly involve a recent waking experience of some sort.

But there is likely a deeper issue involved as well. An emotional conflict where there are two choices and you are leaning or favoring one over the other. The favored one would have a younger masculine aspect to it. The shot in the head could suggest you are punishing yourself over something you have no control {age}. The three shots may be a desire to fulfill some aspect in life that is lacking. Going back to recent waking experiences, have there been any where the subject to younger men were involved? Being on vacation could have removed the inhibitions, at least thought wise.

Your mother and ex-boyfriend could also be about older women and younger men. But it could also be about a wiser feminine self vs in-experienced masculine qualities {your animus qualities. The dream may be addressing both issues, any recent waking experiences being a stimulus for a deeper emotional conflict. The frightening part would be to yourself. A herbalist may represent a natural process of healing. Its confusing {yellow} and a tall order to fulfill.

This may be where there are conflicting emotions. I state this because this is where you start to feel ill {emotionally}. An older woman {and wiser self} being interested in younger men {immature emotions}. Were there experiences while you were on vacation that may have stimulated such thinking? Perhaps it is something you have also come across in normal circumstances and has caused conflicting emotions {wiser self vs immature emotions}.

The 'feeling ill' and wanting an ambulance would have to do with emotional aspects. The ambulance may suggest projecting these feelings outward, or recent 'outer' experiences that stimulated these thoughts {conflicts}. the entertainer aspect may have been something you entertained in doing. Instead of listening to the wise emotions could there have been perhaps thoughts, or even recent actions, involving this older feminine vs younger masculine conflict? The older woman/younger man aspect. In real experiences it could have involved your actual mother. And there is the possibility it could also be addressing issues to do with you being a mother. And where could you ex-boyfriend fit into these possibilities? Was he younger than you? These are things you will need t look at and decide what fits.

It is only when you give thought to these aspects {a condo or an apartment could represent an emotional complex or conflict} that you see the wounds. When you try not to think about this you have trouble with the tangled {shag} emotions you are trying to protect yourself from {carpet}. The color orange may suggest these are aggressive emotions and need to be sorted out {the only way to heal emotional conflicts is to confront them}. On one hand {right} you don't want to see or hear about these issues because that could change {die} the way things are in your emotional life.

In dreams there are seldom specific indications to what the message is the dream is trying to communicate. The best anyone can do is interpret the images/symbols to the possibilities to what they might mean or how they are applicable to the dreamer's life. The rest is up to you to put together. Look at recent waking experiences {the vacation would be a good place to start since you made a point to mention it} and see what may fit there. The relationship between your mother and ex-boyfriend may be a part of that. Then look at the possible deeper implications, age, older women vs younger men, wisdom vs desires, etc. If you will let me know your thoughts and conclusions perhaps we can determine more of what the dream is trying to communicate.


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