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Dad came through to my ex

I receive a phone call today from my ex. He tells me he had a dream of my dad.

My dad was sitting at a table, Marco sits down across from him looks at him smiles and says "Fred, you look great". My dad never responded, just stared at him.

Marco doesn't dream. I've known him 8 years and never once has he ever said anything about a dream. He described my dad to be healthy, his hair was white he wore his glasses and a brown sweater, which I assume its the same brown sweater he always wore. He looked a little younger and he stared into his eyes. Everything behind him was white. A bright white light was behind him. My ex said he had this dream while he fell asleep in our sons room with him. He asked our son if he had a dream and he couldn't remember.

I've had 2 dreams of my father since he's passed which was 3 years ago. First dream freaked me out as he kept dying and waking up. His eyes were blood shot and looked the same way he did the morning we found him peacefully gone. The second he looked younger and was vibrant back to his old self. He answers me through dreams as I often ask for guidance and advice on certain situations. Ill wake up remember the dream, look up what the symbols mean and it's always an answer. Whatever I had asked the night before. But to come through my exs dream has got me boggled. I've googled for about 5 hours now until I came across this forum.

If anyone has any idea why he would have this dream or what it could possibly mean.. All opinions welcome. I have my own thoughts I'd just like to see if they're similar to others.

Thank you kindly

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Re: Dad came through to my ex

First let me correct a misconception about Marco never dreaming. We all dream, every night {unless there is a neurological disorder that prevents it}. He just doesn't remember his dreams. Dreams are nature's way of helping us resolve emotional conflicts, they are therapeutic whether you remember them or not.

As to Marco's dream. His dreams are about his emotional, physical life. Your dad would represent something to do with Marco's person, his emotions. My impressions are, and a usual theme in dreams when dead people appear, the dream is addressing something about Marco he identifies with in your dad. Like your dad he is a father {in the room with his two sons when he had the dream}. What your dad was wearing can tell a lot about what the dream is trying to communicate. A sweater can represent a connection and strong ties with family and home life. Because it was the same sweater 'he' {your dad} usually wears that would represent something about Marco that is the 'usually' the same. The color brown that may symbolize instinctive aspects of being a father.

Glasses are tools that magnify what you see. There is something about your dad Marco identifies with, sees through the same glasses {as a matter of speak}. Your dad looking younger in the dream would represent Marco as a younger dad. As a younger dad Marco is healthy, his thinking self {hair} is more innocent/less wiser {color white}. Everything behind your dad in the dream is also white.

Most likely the dream has to do with the associations Marco saw in your dad. Asking his/your son if he had a dream would suggest associations of a father/son relationship. That may have associations to Marco's dad. What kind of a relationship, if any, was that like? Was Marco and your dad close?

As for your dreams about your dad. These dreams are about you and your emotions. In the dream where he kept dying and waking up is about his continuing to be remember after his death. The relationship between you and him. His eyes {blood shot} may be your eyes {he actually looked peaceful when he was found}, blood shot eyes from crying over his death.

The second dream is remembering the relationship as a guide, those earlier life experiences between him and you {remember, you have these dreams because of the associations with him}. His 'wise self' still remains although he has passed.

These dreams are therapeutic in they are trying to help you through the emotional pain of losing your dad and attempting to make sense of life itself {and death}. Because someone dies physically, psychologically in your mind they still exist. I still often have dreams about my second wife who died in 2003. Although we were divorced we were very close and she was the mother of my only child. The love and affection never die. And because of the emotional attachments 'they' return as reminders of the past and predictors of the present in relationship to the past. Your father's wisdom was valuable to you and still is. His wisdom was 'therapeutic medicine' when you needed it and through your dreams remain so. You are continuing the relationship although he is no longer physically here. All experiences are psychological. Your dreams are about your psychology.


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Re: Dad came through to my ex

Thank you for you response. A lot of what you said has made sense, I thoroughly appreciate the time you took to respond.

I will be sure to save this and send it along to him, jus to see if he understands as well :)

Again thank you!


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 25

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