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Vivid dream I had about someone as a child that now seems to be connecting me to someone

I was wondering if anyone could help me figure this out. As a child around the age of 6-7, I have a dream about me and this boy who I have never met, skipping around in a gymnasium in a circle on tiles that would light up with various colors. I stood back off to the corner and watched this boy who was happy skip around and I was so happy that he was happy and the tone was that we were happiest when we were together and all I wanted was for him to be happy. There was a message in the dream that I would meet him some day and it would just happen but him and his happiness meant the world to me. He was just a bit older than me.

I have no doubt that the picture of this boy was the same boy as in my dream. Like no doubt at all and I have never thought that before.

I dream pretty regularly, but most dreams fade fairly soon. I have only had a handful of dreams that have stayed with me and stay as vivid as I remembered them on the morning when I woke up from having them. Often when I have these dreams that stay with me for weeks, month, years, etc., they start fading when something connects them to reality. This dream as I have mentioned has stuck with me as is a vivid as I night I dreamt it. Also these dreams are much different than the other dreams I have. It's very hard for me to explain but there is a difference.

Well here is the strange part that I am not sure of what to make of, but watching one of my favorite reality shows where the lead person showed a picture of himself as a child, well without thinking or connecting the dream I stood up off the couch and yelled in the empty room "oh my God that is the boy" then I realized how I reacted and tried to collect myself. I am married and have not gone through life trying to find this person, just it has been in the back of my mind and thought of occassionaly and I have just been curious if I would ever meet this person and thought it would be cool if the dream meant something or connected me to someone. I did not connect this dream to this person until after I reacted unintentionally.

Once this happened, I started having dreams every night through now about this person such as very protective dreams, knowing what is going to happen pretty accurately on upcoming episodes and dreams that were very specific to him personally to the point where these things would be discovered on later episodes where he would tell things about his life and I have not watched the episodes before. Also I do not surf the net or do anything to find out information about him. I only started googling and buying his book after months of these dreams so I could compare what I was dreaming to see if it was reality, and so far everything I have dreamt about has been accurate aside from maybe one or two things.

I am not a stalker, am not an obsessive person, do not have any mental issues, do not have fantasies or a crush on this person, but it is all very weird and I really don't know what to do because now things are getting to the point where things in real life are bringing up signs and weird things like books related to him being brought to me by staff in books stores for example when I am looking for history books and they bring me books related to this person and they say "I am not sure why because I know its not what you asked for but thought you might be interested in these books". This has happened about three times in the past few months. So I need help. If anyone can offer any advice, suggestions, anything at all I would be more than appreciative. Thank you.

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Re: Vivid dream I had about someone as a child that now seems to be connecting me to someone

An important question. How old were you when you had this dream? Is it a dream you had as a child or later in life?

Other than that, were there any significant experiences you can remember when you were 6 or 7?

Also, what is the age of the man on the reality show whose picture you 'instantly' recognized? Is he about the same age as you, or is he 'a bit older than you'? If you will answer these questions I will provide my thoughts as to what is going on.

As to the normal function of dreams and and dreaming, an unknown person in a dream would usually represent an unknown aspect of yourself. In that instance it would be an unknown masculine aspect or an animus aspect. The young boy would be a developing masculine aspect {or an undeveloped aspect}.

In your dream you were 6 or 7. Often, and especially if the opening of the dream states your age {6 or 7}, the dream is referencing actual experiences at that age. Of course if you were 6 or 7 when you had the dream {the reason i ask when you had the dream} that would alter that function. Dreams of a child are very much different that dreams in later life.

As for dreaming regularly and remembering only certain dreams, scientifically we know we all dream every night {several times a night usually during REM sleep}. Most dreams 'disappear' within a couple of minutes after waking unless there is a concentrated effort to remember them. Then it is important to record the dream exactly as you remember it or parts or all of it will soon be forgotten. Dreams that you 'naturally' remember are most likely 'important' dreams because they have an important message from your unconscious that you consciously need to know. Dreams are therapeutic {nature's toll in helping us resolve emotional issues} and those issues that need resolution the most will be remembered where other dreams are forgotten. But again it is important to record these dreams. Dreams that are remembered without trying are very important in they have an important message. often these dreams are addressing an emotional issue that is still a controlling factor in your conscious life. Often unconscious contents have control or affect our conscious lives. The emotional experiences from earlier life that have been stored within the unconscious will remain until they are recognized and resolved. They will be in your dreams until resolution takes place and often afterwards {although there will be a positive note to them instead of a negative one}.

As for the man in the reality show. You sate you now have dreams before the next show that coincide with what actually 'happened' in his life. Your dreams are depicting him in his past, his past experiences. You also state these dreams seem to be 'protective' dreams and he is a part of that protection. You feel connected to him in some way. I'm trying to be clear about this and your connection so to understand the possibilities. A couple of questions about this man in the realty show.
Where is he from {especially his childhood}?
Again, are there any experiences when you were 6 or 7 where an unknown person may be involved? A male?

Dreams don't normally predict future events unless there is 'probable' cause for such an event to happen. The dream would be compensating what you already know and looking at the probabilities with a certain outcome due to what has already taken place. The predicted outcome is an eventuality because of a pattern that is formed. But dreams do have an ability to synchronize experiences of 'kindred' energies. This man in the reality show may have actual life experiences that fit with your intended life {this would be delving into unconscious forces you were born with that point to how you should live your life}. In that instance you have finally found the man who would be your true animus. His life would mirror your intended masculine identity. The fact your dreams are now specific in how he describes his life on the show is a mirror of your inner masculine self.
Getting really deep aren't we?

If you will provide answers to my questions and other info that would be important I will provide more thoughts to what these dreams are about. I have a full day tomorrow {Saturday} so it will be Sunday before I will be able to address a response.


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