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Lost of weight


I had a dream in which people around me were telling me how much I had lost weight. They seemed happy for me. I remember feeling my pants with my hands and I realized that they were now too large for me. That weight lost gave me satisfaction.

Thanks for helping me in this one!


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Re: Lost of weight

Two possibilities I see with your dream. One would be a desire to actually lose weight. That would fit if you have a preoccupation with your physical shape and appearance.

A more likely meaning would have to do with the 'emotional' weight you carry have in life. Losing weight would mean you are no longer 'weighed' down with emotional baggage. Feeling the pants with your hands may symbolize feeling the pressures on you {pants being 'the things that hold you up}. The pants being too large may suggest you are now realizing it is time to do something {hands} about these emotional/physical pressures. Being able to do that would surely give you satisfaction.

The first meaning would be a possibility since most people are always looking to lose weight. But because the contents of dreams are psychological {the act is physical} the second meaning would likely apply as well. Are you feeling a lot of pressures in your life and are you ready or have you begun to do something about that? Whatever is happening in your waking life is reflected in your dreams except the dream isn't tainted by ego perception. Dreams show what you really feel, who you really are. Their function is to help you resolve emotional issues, a natural mechanism for the psyche{ology}. Much like the immune system is to the body {protection}, dreams are to the psyche.


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