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Unsettling dream

I had this dream on Wednesday night and it hasn't left me. I dreamed that my husband and I were being held hostage. These men had my husband at gunpoint as if they were about to shoot him. My husband was tied to a chair, with a gag in his mouth. As these men got closer with their guns to my husband, I started screaming and crying, defending my husband's existence. Hysterically "He has been nothing but a wonderful husband, he has done nothing but be a wonderful, hard-working person! He has taken care of me, and supported me! He has been nothing but a wonderful husband! Please don't take him away from me! I love him!" And then I suddenly woke up. It was a very unsettling dream. And has been causing me a lot of grief since. Thank you.

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Re: Unsettling dream

Not to worry. The dream is symbolic of stresses and tension in your life. Being held hostage refers to something in your life that is holding you and your have to do with other issues. The fact you are having to defend your husband probably fits with some recent experience where that could of actually happened. His being tied to a chair and gagged may represent being tied to a certain position and not letting him voice that position. The guns may symbolize aggression toward him. The men could be real 'adversarial' people but the guns would be symbolic of something else {like aggression}. Because it is your dream this would be how you view the situation. Something that has stirred strong emotions {hysterical}.

Also consider there may be recent issues between you and your husband and the defense you put up in the dream would be your trying to justify to yourself something your husband stands for while deep within you disagree. The men with the guns would be your animus {masculine aspects} and would represent your aggressive nature. The hostage situation would represent the tension between the two of you over these issues.

Look at your waking life and see where the above would fit. Dreams speak in a language of symbol and metaphor and are trying to help you sort out emotional conflicts in your life.


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