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Recent dream

Hello Jerry. It has been a very long time since I submitted a dream for your assistance with interpretation. Just a short back ground on the guy in the dream. He was a long ago lover for whom I still carry a flame. We had a two year passionate love affair and ended it only out of concern for those we would hurt.. I was divorcing at the time, he was in a long term relationship (21 years)....and later married her. We are still very much in love but took the higher ground to save hurting others. We have infrequent contact but always with others present.

In the dream I arrived in Mexico where in the past I had a vacation home and where he still does.......I had all of my earthly possesions with me. He and I were together at the edge of a cliff....somehow the box with my possesions was knocked over the edge, but not to the bottom. Thinking it could be retrieved we went in search of some friends to help us. We returned in my car with him driving. When we reached the cliff he got out of the car. There were also two small boys with us in the car, whom I did not know, and did not know why they were with us. When my lover exited, the car began to move and the two boys and I went over the cliff. When I awoke at the bottom of the cliff I was rescued and taken to a nearby house. When I asked about the boys I was told one had survived and one had died. My lover was there with me holding me and reassuring me. He then got up and said he was going home to rest.......that this had all been too much for him......he took the surving child and left. Later he returned to my side but I knew that something had changed. That is where the dream ended.

I have some ideas about the meaning of parts, but would sincerely appreciate your thoughts on this dream...Thanks Jerry, you helped me with two other dreams in the past and had such wonderful insight I am again seeking your help.

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 61

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Re: Recent dream

Hi Kathy,
Good to hear from you. Hope all is well with you. Outside these emotions you still possess about your ex-lover that is.

Instead of giving my usual analysis of the dream I am going to break it down by symbol and provide my thoughts on the possibilities. Because you do have an idea what the dream is trying to communicate, perhaps this will help you better understand the message. Take what I have given and expand on those and see where they fit in your life. The only really unclear symbols, at least as far as knowing what they represent other than what I provide, are the two young boys. Look to see where those 'attitudes' would fit since they do point to something within you that is no longer there.

arriving in Mexico-focusing on ex

worldly possessions -material worth-ego

edge of cliff -emotional edge

over the edge -emotions threatening to open up

friends -looking for other possibilities

him driving your car -he is still controlling your thought

reach cliff -him existing car-without him you are on an emotional cliff hanger

two unknown boys -developing masculine attitudes

car goes over cliff -remaing emotions toward him about end of relationship and that prevents deveoping positive masculine attitudes

rescued at bottom of cliff -rescued from within when things hit rock bottom

one boy survives -one attitude survives but another does not

ex lover at your side -still possessing reassuring feelings about possibilities

ex going to rest -resting your emotions toward ex

too much for him -still possessing too many emotions about him

taking remaining child -the remaining masculine attitude dissolving

returns to your side -a need to change your focus on him

Let me know your thoughts and we can discuss other possibilities from that.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63 Space Coast, Fla.

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Re: Recent dream

Wow!! Thanks for your assistance. I am going to eagerly consume the thoughts you shared with me and see where they lead me. I feel you are spot on and you have offered me clarity to better analyze this dream. My first thoughts are that this dream was sent to help me on the road to release. I have been dealing with so many emotions in regard to this past relationship and I have been telling myself it is time to release all of the pent up emotions that hold me bound in a very tender and emotional state most of the time. Sometimes the longing is so great I feel consumed by it. I know this emotional state keeps me from giving my "now life" a fighting chance due to the attachment I still have to the past and to him. I know in my heart of hearts that I must move on and release my grip on the past, or should I say the past's grip on me. My neck has been bothering me a great deal for months now and my asthma has been the worst it has ever been. During a recent meditation I received a message from Universe straight into my heart.....I was told that my neck ache is caused by straining to look behind me to see the past, and my lungs are filled with the stale, stagnant air of the past.........Well no wonder this dream occured.

Your thoughts on the two small boys helped a great deal.....I had no idea where to take that part of the dream. I am feeling that if and when I conquer this past attachment I am going soar on wings. If you don't mind I will share some thoughts with you after I review your thoughts and the dream again.....

Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 61

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Re: Recent dream

I am a bit unorthodox in my use of the animus with most all unnamed/unknown males in a woman's dream {the same holds true for the anima in a man's dream}. But i have had great success using it in this manner. The same hold true when I see an unnamed/unknown child in the first part of a dream. In those instances that child is the dreamer at the age or time frame the child is depicted in the dream. I've tested that application time and again. The last time was this week in Grace's dream where she confirmed by e-mail of an event that corresponded with a child of 7 or 8 {the event happened when she was 7 1/2 years old}.

My impression of your dream was you were seeking to move on from the relationship but it is not easy in doing that. The dream was actually pretty 'matter-of-fact' as I read it. I broke it down by symbol because I thought you would more likely recognize associations to your waking life. And because you did say you had an idea what the dream was about. That seems to have worked.

As for the dream and your relationship. Matters of the heart are always difficult but often easy to interpret in dreams. Because dreams are about the emotions, those which are most 'universal' tend to stand out. Spiritual dreams are also more readable when I analyze them. Anything to do with the heart and soul tend to speak in a language more recognizable in dreams. Getting the past the emotions is the hardest part. What struck me about the dream was it did lay out the emotional conflict in a way that seemed as if it were an going possibility but ended with a recognition it was best to move on {Later he returned to my side but I knew that something had changed"}. The change came at the end of the dream and that was what prompted me to sense you did realize it was time to move on. And that is despite the power of the emotions you have for him and that denied you the of 'masculine' energies that is of the ego {the boys}. I mention the ego because the dream began with 'earthly possessions' and the conflict is as much an outer vs the inner. In the end you are thinking the right thoughts and that is how the dream ended. It would not surprise me if future dreams will show a 'resurrection' of these boys since what you are doing requires a lot of strength and 'masculine' fortitude. When you think psychologically and not emotionally there is always a better outcome.


Age & Gender & Location {Required}: 63 Space Coast, Fla.

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